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Sam Concepcion talks about his experience as the newest MYX VJ

Singer-actor Sam Concepcion hopes people would get to know him more as a person via his hosting stint on MYX.



6/1/2013 9:35 PM
Sam Concepcion talks about his experience as the newest MYX VJ

060213-sam_main.jpgSinger-actor Sam Concepcion took on the challenge of exploring his other talents as part of the new set of MYX VJs, along with Ai dela Cruz and Karla Aguas. Instead of the annual MYX VJ Search, the three were handpicked by the management through coordination with various talent agencies a month ago. “It’s great to be here. Some of the best gifts that you receive are some that you don’t expect right? This is one of them. Being part of MYX is not part of the plan. But it’s just so amazing to be working with such a great family. This is where we get to be comfortable. There's no stress about meeting people’s expectations. You just get to be yourself and show what you can offer,” said Sam during the press con for MYX Music Channel held at the ABS-CBN compound last Friday, May 31.

While he admittedly had hesitations about doing a hosting stint, Sam is a logical choice for the position given his vast exposure in the music industry. At the same time, he had experience being a celebrity MYX VJ twice in the past. “Hosting is something I enjoy doing but I’m not a host first and foremost. I think I told Iya (Villania) that, ‘Parang I’m not sure if this is for me. You think I’ll be able to handle being a host?’ But I’m just really glad that they entrusted me with this huge responsibility.”

Sam admitted that it takes a lot of practice to be good at hosting. But more than anything else, he’s determined to just enjoy the process of learning the ropes as a VJ. “Being a VJ is never easy. You have to make yourself look interesting, you have to engage your audience, you have to be person that people want to watch and listen to. That’s something I’m striving for. Because I was known as a kid who started very young [in singing and acting]. It’s very different from what I usually do because you put on a role when you’re an actor. I have different personalities when I am on stage.  This time, I’m just looking for people to know me more as a person.”  

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