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Khalil Ramos talks about his love team with Sue Anne Ramirez in 'Annaliza'

Khalil Ramos reveals that they will have a lot of 'kilig' scenes in the new series, 'Annaliza.'


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5/31/2013 8:38 AM
Khalil Ramos talks about his love team with Sue Anne Ramirez in 'Annaliza'

053113-khalil_main.jpgAfter his first acting stint in the hit series Princess and I as the endearing “best friend ng bayan” Kiko, Khalil Ramos admitted he looks forward to his new role as the arrogant Jeric Garcia in the Kapamilya remake of the hit ‘80s series Annaliza. Khalil said it is another acting challenge for him because his character is very different from his past role in PAI. “This is iba, way different from Kiko but way lighter. Mas light yung buhay niya, he’s rich, mayaman and of course with fortune may kasamang ugali yun so medyo rebel. Different side siya, but of course it’s a different role I’m portraying,” he told Push.com.ph
Khalil admitted he never expected that he would get offered another project right away after PAI wrapped up work in February. “Well actually biglaan ito, it was an overnight thing, biglang andun. So siyempre ako I took the opportunity kaagad kasi hindi naman all the time magkaka-show ka so siyempre I took it and I’m feeling really thankful and blessed na ABS-CBN trusted me once again to do a show. I’m good right now. I’m doing well and I’m really thankful and blessed now,” he said.
In the new soap opera, Khalil plays the role of Denise Laurel’s younger brother. Denise plays Belle, the biological mother of Annaliza. Khalil said that in this show, he will be paired with teen actress Sue Anne Ramirez. “Okay naman. I’ve known Sue before pa naman and we’re friends and masaya. I think solid, mas magiging masaya yung set kasi Sue’s astig, ganun (laughs). Pero hindi pa kami nag-shu-shoot. Honestly I don’t really know why kami yung napili maging love team dito pero siyempre may reason naman kung bakit. I think Sue is perfect naman for the boyish type of girl which her role is about,” he added.
The singer-actor said his fans will not be disappointed to watch him in Annaliza. “Well siyempre I’ll do my best for the fans. I’ll do my best to make them kilig or make them cry. I just want to thank them for their support and I won’t let my fans down,” he said.
The 17-year-old performer just graduated from high school last March and will be taking a year off to focus on acting full-time. Khalil said he really got to enjoy this summer. “Ngayon so far mas nakakahinga ako because when I was studying it was really madugo, I studied on set and everything. Alam nila yun, I had no sleep and everything. Ngayon mas relaxed, I get more sleep and once we go full force on taping this, ma-fi-feel ko na working not part time anymore but full time na,” he said.
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