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John Lloyd Cruz says 'no' to doing a sitcom with Sarah Geronimo

John Lloyd Cruz explains why he's no longer interested in doing a sitcom with Sarah Geronimo; shares why he gave her a luxury watch after the success of their movie.



5/3/2013 2:21 PM
John Lloyd Cruz says 'no' to doing a sitcom with Sarah Geronimo

050313-jlc_main.jpgAfter the box office success of It Takes A Man And A Woman, John Lloyd Cruz told Push.com.ph that he’s no longer interested in doing a TV sitcom with leading lady Sarah Geronimo. “No. Ako ayoko. Hindi dahil sa ayoko katrabaho si Sarah, pero more on the business aspect of it. We’re also aware na hindi naman kami baguhan. We want to protect yung [na-achieve namin] with our movies.” To which Sarah added, “Ayaw muna namin itapon yung pinaghirapan ng pelikula. Nasa taas ka na, ibababa mo pa.”

Apparently, John Lloyd just wants to make the most out of their box office team-up especially as It Takes A Man And A Woman nearly reached the 300 million-peso mark in ticket sales. The talented actor went on to clarify that “Hindi naman kami nagdadamot,” while Sarah jokingly added, “Siguro kapag mga 50 (years old) na tayo. Hahaha!

When told that he was the one who previously thought of doing a comedy series with Sarah, John Lloyd admitted that he belatedly realized that it’s not the right project for them for now. “I know. Inisip ko lang nun sobrang random lang. Pero nung pinagaralan ko na. Parang hindi yata.” 

On a different note, he explained why he gave Sarah a Cartier watch, which the young actress happily showed to ABS-CBN reporters during the victory party of It Takes A Man And A Woman last week. “Time is something that we share in a very special way.” But when asked what Sarah gave him in return, the latter stopped John Lloyd from revealing her simple gift to him. “Hindi naman importante yun [kung maliit o malaki ang regalo]. Makinig daw ako sa kanya,” said John Lloyd, leaving the media people wondering if Sarah gave him a playlist of her songs or something.

At the end of the interview, John Lloyd stated how grateful he was to the Popstar Princess for the success of their team-up as well as their friendship. “Siguro hindi niyo kilala si Sarah. Lagi ko sinasabi yun na I’ve had this privilege of being here with Sarah and knowing her intimately, professionally, as a friend. Hindi siya, pwede sana siya napunta kahit kanino… Very vocal naman ako. I just wanted to give her something special. She's very instrumental kung nasaan man ako ngayon.”