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  • Patrick Garcia says he sees no problem in accepting father roles at age 30.

Patrick Garcia admits he has matured in acting since becoming a dad

Patrick Garcia says he sees no problem in accepting father roles at age 30.

Patrick Garcia admits he has matured in acting since becoming a dad-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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05/28/2013 09:59 AM
Patrick Garcia admits he has matured in acting since becoming a dad
052813-patrick_main.jpgLast seen in the series Apoy Sa Dagat, Patrick Garcia returns to primetime with the newest Kapamilya series Annaliza, a remake of the 1980s hit series. Patrick plays the role of Chef Lazaro, father of Annaliza (played by child actress Andrea Brillantes). “Anak ko dito si Annaliza na nahiwalay sa akin dahil na-kidnap. Asawa ko dito si Denise Laurel. People will see the mature side of me siguro. The father side of me (laughs),” he said.

Patrick said he does not feel bothered that he was once again offered a father role. “It's good to be back home and sa Apoy Sa Dagat naman siyempre it was my first time to play a father and to be given a chance again to play a father role siyempre nakakatuwa kasi it's a new thing for me and I am personally also a father so in a way nakaka-relate ako sa mga ganun,” he said.

Patrick admitted that he has even come to enjoy playing the role of a parent because he does it in real life to four-year-old AJ (nicknamed Jazz, his son with Jennylyn Mercado) and three-month-old Chelsea with his current live-in partner. Since he was unable to do it for his first child, Patrick said he was happy to be able to be there for his daughter's birth. “Masaya yung feeling siyempre na nandun ka sa pregnancy at dun sa panganganak andun ka na every step of the way. Ang sarap ng feeling. Mas na-fi-feel mo talaga yung pagiging father. Hindi ko kasi na-experience yun kasi with Jazz eh. Pero sana na-experience ko pero yun, at least I was given the chance to experience what it was like, mas na-involve ka sa bata. Siyempre mas masaya ung feeling,” he admitted.

Ever since becoming a father, Patrick admitted his approach to acting has also matured. “Siyempre being an actor you never stop learning and siyempre with age also you have to act your age. Sometimes you have to act a little bit older than your age. It depends talaga on the role but here in Annaliza, acting as a father siyempre I’m a father myself pero I don’t pattern it too much to my personal life, to how I am in real life. Kasi iba naman yung character ko. Siguro ang similarities lang dun is that my character Lazaro and I are both fathers,” he explained.

Working with co-stars Denise Laurel and Kaye Abad has also inspired him to do his best in Annaliza. “Well I’ve worked with them before. They’re very good and very serious with their craft and working with them siyempre makes you want to work even harder kasi you know the persons you’re working with are working hard in their roles and they’re really good. Gusto ko lang sana mapantayan yun or sana mahigitan pa, ganun,” he added.

Apart from trying to be a more mature actor, Patrick said another challenge he has to overcome is his being a “babyface.” “Well that’s one thing, I don’t know if it’s a curse or a blessing that I look young so to be given nga this role, sabi ko nga sa kanila, ‘Sigurado ba kayo na ako gusto niyo?’ Siguro they're patterning it lang to my personal life kasi I’m a father. That’s why they gave me this role as a father also. Baka magampanan ko ng mahusay siguro, yun,” he said.

The mestizo actor said he sees himself acting for as long as he can. “Well if people still want me here, and of course if I’m still given roles and hindi pa rin nawawala yungtiwala sa akin ng ABS-CBN siyempre I’ll always be here,” he said.

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