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Eddie Garcia on Coco Martin: 'He will go places. He will do great.'

Veteran actor Eddie Garcia sees enormous potential in his 'Juan dela Cruz' co-star Coco Martin.


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5/24/2013 9:00 AM
Eddie Garcia on Coco Martin: 'He will go places. He will do great.'

052413-eddie_main.jpgEddie Garcia plays the role of the old ‘tagabantay’ Julian Romero in the primetime teleserye Juan dela Cruz. Now that he’s working with Coco Martin, the veteran actor had nothing to say but great things about the soap’s lead star.

In an exclusive interview with Push.com.ph, Eddie remarked that Coco’s career will flourish even more considering that the latter is a superb actor. “I’m sure he will go places. He will do great,” he said.

When asked if he thinks Coco will follow in his footsteps, Eddie was quick to respond that the actor needs not to follow him or anyone else when it comes to his acting career. “He doesn’t have to follow [in] my footsteps because he has a style of his own and he has a great following,” he commented.

Now that Juan dela Cruz has consistently landed the number one spot in primetime, Eddie attributed the success of the soap to Coco’s versatility and the show’s great storytelling. “[It’s successful because] first of all the star is Coco Martin and then the story is a very well-written story and it has all the ingredients of a good telenovela,” he said.

Eddie is enjoying his current role in the show and shared “It’s a very exciting role.” Did it occur to him not to say yes to the role? “When this was offered to me I was still doing a show for the other channel. I said it’s going to end in January. They already started taping [Juan dela Cruz] so I said I won’t be able to make it because I’m still taping MWF (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). But after I finished the show with the other channel, they called me again and said ‘there is still a role for you here’ and since I was through doing a show, I started doing Juan dela Cruz,” he said.

With a great plot and with new characters in the teleserye, Eddie urged the viewers to continue watching the show. “My message to all the viewers is to continue viewing Juan dela Cruz. It’s getting exciting everyday. Everyday it has a new twist and a new additional cast and the story will be liked by the viewers,” he said.