Bea Alonzo gives her all out support for Zanjoe Marudo

Bea Alonzo is proud of Zanjoe Marudo's performance as twin characters in 'Bromance.'


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5/16/2013 8:22 AM
Bea Alonzo gives her all out support for Zanjoe Marudo

051613-bea_main.jpgBea Alonzo graced the special celebrity screening of Bromance last May 14 to support boyfriend and the film’s lead star Zanjoe Marudo. After the movie screening, the press caught up with the couple and Bea came out as a proud girlfriend. “I’m very proud. I’m very, very happy and I think he did good. He did such a great job,” she remarked when asked about Zanjoe’s performance. The actress was all praises for the actor’s portrayal of Brandy, the gay character in the movie. “Ano talaga, ang galing, sobra!” she commented.

Bea said she truly enjoyed Bromance and that she laughed out loud especially during some of the naughty scenes. On her boyfriend’s butt exposure in the movie, Bea quipped, “Naloka ako pero nakakatawa!

Zanjoe was all smiles after receiving great feedback from his girlfriend. The actor admitted that it was quite challenging though doing dual roles. “Ang hirap pagmagka-usap silang dalawa, kasi wala naman akong kausap eh. Kausap ko lang naman sarili ko. Pero mabuti na lang nandiyan si Direk (Wenn Deramas) na lagi akong inaalalayan.”

Zanjoe had previously played a gay character in Star Cinema’s 24/7 In Love last year with Bea. Bea believed that the role opened doors for the actor. “Feeling ko naging stepping stone ‘yun,” she stated. Is she open to the possibility that Zanjoe might play similar roles in the future? “Oo naman! Nakakatuwa, ang sarap tawanan,” she said.

The press couldn’t help but ask if Bea helped Zanjoe become feminine enough for the role. The actress quipped, “No, ako ang pinakawaley na tao sa mundo. Wala akong maitutulong sa parteng yan. Siya ‘yun lahat. Sa pagpro-project kayang-kaya niya yan. Mas magaling pa siya sa akin.”