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Paul Jake Castillo on Melissa Ricks: 'We just want to enjoy the moment'

Paul Jake Castillo says now is not yet the time for him and Melissa Ricks to talk about settling down.


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4/30/2013 8:04 AM
Paul Jake Castillo on Melissa Ricks: 'We just want to enjoy the moment'

043013-pauljake_main.jpgFormer Pinoy Big Brother housemate Paul Jake Castillo arrived with girlfriend Melissa Ricks at Kim Chiu's birthday bash-slash-grand fans day. Paul Jake said Kim is a longtime family friend from Cebu. He said he wishes nothing but the best for Kim. “She almost has everything naman. At a very young age she has everything na so I guess I wish her good health lang and I wish she takes very, very good care of her health. I've known her family for a really long time and I'm really close with her older sister, barkada kami in Cebu. I would see Kim in her pajamas before (laughs),” he revealed.

Paul Jake admitted that he was surprised that a lot of his Cebuano friends ended up joining showbiz like Matteo Guidicelli and PBB Big Winners Slater Young and Kim. “I'm very happy for her. Kasi all my friends who've become artistas I'm so happy for them. Lalo na if they really wanted to become artistas and they've made it. Si Matteo when I found out na naging artista siya and I was like wow ang layo ng naabot niya,” he admitted.

Now that he is based in Manila, Paul Jake said he will always miss certain things about Cebu. “I miss the simple life there. Unlike in Manila where it's so crowded where you can only do two things at a time, in Cebu puwede ka maglakad lakad, in thirty minutes nasa beach ka na. If you want to go to the mountains thirty minutes nasa mountain ka na rin. So relaxed lang dun,” he added.

Cebu is also one of the favorite places that he and Melissa enjoy visiting frequently. “When we go there, I take her to wherever I go and share with her the typical life in Cebu. We'd go boating, go to the beach, go to mga parties. She even understands Bisaya na. Hindi lang niya masabi. Pero kumbaga hindi na siya maliligaw dun,” he proudly said.

Paul Jake said almost everyone in his family has gotten the chance to meet Melissa. “She already went to Singapore with all my family on my father’s side and she's spent a lot of time with my mother's side as well,” he said.

The Kapamilya hunk also shared what sets Melissa apart from other girls he has met. “In the beginning, she was just one of them artistas but once you get to know her, she was actually a very practical and down-to-earth girl. Similar kami in a sense na parehong mababaw lang ang happiness namin (laughs). She is happy with even the simplest things. We're steady naman. I think the secret to our relationship is trust. Just really having genuine trust,” he shared.

Since they only started dating early part of last year, Paul Jake said it is still too soon to talk about marriage with Melissa. “Oh we don't want to talk about it, we talk about differences like kung ano gusto niya at ano gusto ko, you know. I don't know. Ayaw namin maunahan yung relationship eh, we just want to enjoy the moment and see what comes. We haven't talked about it and I don't think there's a rush. We're very okay and my family has met her and they all like her,” he admitted.

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