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Melissa Ricks shares how she and Kim Chiu have remained close friends after all these years

Melissa Ricks says she is happy for friend Kim Chiu's continued success.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


04/25/2013 07:56 AM
Melissa Ricks shares how she and Kim Chiu have remained close friends after all these years
042513-melissa_main.jpgDuring Kim Chiu's birthday bash-slash-fans day last April 21, one of the celebrity guests who took the time to drop by and celebrate was Melissa Ricks. Mel arrived at the venue with boyfriend Paul Jake Castillo in tow. The Fil-American beauty shared her birthday wish for Kim. “Sana tuloy-tuloy yung career niya and siyempre I wish her all the happiness. She really deserves it. A lot of things may have happened to her pero that's because God has greater plans so ngayon I just wish for her to be happy and successful, yun lang,” she said.

Melissa said that even though their group named “ChiuRiGoGoBaSchu” (composed of Kim, Melissa, Erich Gonzales, Beauty Gonzalez, Kitkat Banas, and Empress Schuck) aren't able to get together completely anymore because of their busy schedules, she and Kim will always be close. Which is why Mel is a constant fixture every year during Kim's birthday. “Oo naman. Every year naman when it’s her birthday if I don't have work and I have time of course I'm going to go. Kami ni naman ni Kim kasi, wala namang problem, walang naging problem sa amin ever since. Wala kaming pinag-awayan or hindi kami nagkagalit. Maybe for a time nagkalayo kami but alam naman niya na hindi naman ako nawala. I was always here if she needed anything,” she explained.

Melissa is also very happy when it comes to her relationship with Paul Jake which is going strong. The 23-year-old shared the secret to what keeps them together. “We just take everything in their own time, just be patient, no demands and just enjoy having fun together, no pressure,” she said. Melissa said she has definitely become more mature now when it comes to being in a relationship. “Siyempre in every relationship you learn and I learned that it's not bad to make mistakes and you have to learn and huwag kang matakot. If the person's not for you then it's okay. There's somebody else out there for you,” she added.

Melissa said it is definitely an advantage that Paul Jake is older than her. “What I really like about him is he's very mature. He's older than me, he's mature, he has goals in his life and iniintindi niya ako,” she admitted. The couple enjoy taking trips to Paul Jake's hometown in Cebu. “When I'm in Cebu… I just like going there kasi it's such a different place and I also want to learn how to speak Bisaya. Everyone is so friendly to me and ang gaganda ng beaches, yun lang. Simple lang, it's very simple over there.  We love to travel so we're always traveling and we always go to Cebu where we go to the beach. We try to do things together.  Before I met him, I only went to Cebu sa mall, pag may mall shows. So I never really got to go around,” she said.

Melissa said she is also in no big hurry to tie the knot. “I'm only 23 years old and ayoko na pangunahan so if it's going to happen, it's going to happen. Ganun talaga. At least now I can say I'm very happy. I think I'll consider getting married probably when I'm 25 or 26 na,” she said.

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