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Anne Curtis says Derek Ramsay is her 'yummiest' while Sam Milby is her 'freshest' onscreen kiss

Anne Curtis looks back on her reel- and real-life romantic ties with former leading men Derek Ramsay and Sam Milby.

Rachelle Siazon


04/19/2013 11:27 PM
Anne Curtis says Derek Ramsay is her 'yummiest' while Sam Milby is her 'freshest' onscreen kiss
042013-anne_main.jpgWhile Anne Curtis refused to disclose details about her current beau Erwan Heussaff, she gamely recalled her kissing scenes with her former leading men in line with Cinema One’s screening of her past films for the whole month of July. When asked who among them is the yummiest kisser, Anne was quick to say that it’s her No Other Woman co-star Derek Ramsay. “I have to say that one of the yummiest and also came out as yummy onscreen was Derek. Kasi kapag pinapanood ko yun, talagang, ‘Oh my gosh! Ginawa ko ba ‘yan?’ I think it was the yummiest kiss, I have to say. So siya, sa No Other Woman,” she cheerfully stated during the press con of Wrigleys’ Doublemint and Cinema One last Thursday, April 18. 

When an entertainment reporter teased her that she used to date Derek for real, Anne clarified that the hunky actor only courted her for a while when she just got out of her relationship with then boyfriend Oyo Boy Sotto. “Hindi din, hindi naging kami. When I was very, very young, nanligaw siya, a long, long time ago, that was forever ago. MTV VJ pa lang si Derek. Way before Sam (Milby). As in right after siguro Richard (Gutierrez),” she said at first, then immediately corrected herself, “Actually, hindi si Richard kasi binalikan ko si Oyo, nagkabalikan kami ni Oyo noon.

Anne further recalled that she didn’t fall for Derek’s charm as she was really in love with Oyo at that time. “Hindi, break kami ni Oyo. Tapos nanligaw si Derek. Eh talagang love ko si Oyo Boy n’ung araw, so siya yung naging boyfriend ko for one of the longest times. [He’s my] first love, I would say. [When I did No Other Woman with Derek] ‘di nagkaroon ng bumalik na feelings. Hindi, kasi hindi naman talaga naging anything eh, kahit na M.U.-M.U (mutual understanding).”

To this day, Anne is still filled with pride every time she talks about the unexpected success of No Other Woman with its record-breaking 250 Million gross in the box office, which later gave the actress her Box Office Queen title.  “Yeah, for the onscreen kiss definitely [si Derek ang yummiest]. I have to say one of the most daring scenes that I did is found in No Other Woman. Even when I see the kissing scenes and yung mga ibang eksena namin, ‘Whoa! Wow!’ Pero I’m still proud of it and I believe it’s one of those films, siyempre when you get to see international series parang wala lang, pero if you see it in Filipino films now parang, ‘Uy, wow!’ I was proud of myself somehow that I was able to take that step forward. Tama na yung pa-tweetums na role on TV kasi palagi na lang akong comedy, romcom…So that was my first. Siyempre kabit [yung role] ‘di ba? I was happy. I have no regrets on taking that role.”

On a different note, Anne was also teased about why she did not choose former reel- and real-life partner Sam Milby for her yummiest onscreen kiss. To which she replied, “With Sam, very safe ang mga kissing scene. Yung No Other Woman medyo aggressive ako dun. Sabi ko, ‘Wow, I have another side,’” she exclaimed in between laughs.

But when asked who among her leading men is her freshest onscreen kiss, Anne easily shared that it would be Sam. “Ang pinaka freshest, I have to say, was Sam, kasi mahilig siya mag-lip balm ng mint so amoy mint, amoy Doublemint!”   

Another entertainment reporter quipped that it would have been ironic if Anne is still dating Sam Milby since her younger sister Jasmine is reportedly in a relationship with a young actor with the same monicker, Sam Concepcion. This prompted Anne to relate how her ex-boyfriend was recently mentioned in passing during one of her conversations with her dad. “There's actually a very funny story. I think it was my dad recently for Jasmine's birthday, na talagang sabi ko, ‘Dad, they will be here for dinner and of course there will be Jasmine, me, Erwan, Sam...' 'Milby?' ‘No daddy, not Sam Milby, Sam Concepcion.’ So it would have been funny if there are two Sams in the family. But unfortunately, no, hindi mangyayari. But we're still friends. Sobrang okay kami ni Sam (Milby),” she stressed.