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James Yap accuses Kris Aquino of brainwashing Bimby; refuses her request for sole parental authority

James Yap accuses Kris Aquino of brainwashing Bimby in relation to her plans to legally adopt the child.



3/21/2013 9:59 PM
James Yap accuses Kris Aquino of brainwashing Bimby; refuses her request for sole parental authority

032113-james_main.jpgJames Yap accused Kris Aquino of influencing their son Bimby to feel distant towards him because he refused to sign the affidavit of consent for adoption that would give her sole authority of their child. 

First, he wondered at the inconsistencies of the way Bimby acts towards him, alternating between excited and wary at the same time. He claimed that Kris is to blame why the child has become distrustful of him. He then recalled a phone call with Bimby right after his trip to Italy in January. “Umalis ako, pumununta akong Italy, pagbalik ko nung January, syempre namiss ko yung bata, tinawagan ko sabi ko may pasalubong ako. ‘Bimb may pasalubong si Papa.’ ‘Ano ‘yan papa?’ ‘May pasalubong ako sayong shoes, shirt…’ Parang wala siyang reaction. Sabi ko, ‘May video games din ako.’ Dun siya na-excite. So ngayon na-excite ako. ‘Ano yun papa? Can you please come here?’ Sabay na-cut yung line, pangatlong beses sumagot. So ngayon eh di nakausap ko ulit si Bimb, iba na yung tono ng boses. Sinasabi na, ‘Papa you’re a liar. It’s not true that you have video games. I don’t like you. You’re a  liar.’ Sabi ko, ‘Who told you that?’ ‘Mama.’ Anong gagawin ko? Wala na akong magawa kung ganito,” said a frustrated James during his interview with TV  Patrol aired this Thursday night, March 21. 

James also cited another instance wherein Bimby spent the night at his condo unit together with Josh. The kids were supposedly thrilled with the place and even expressed their desire to visit again. As such, he was surprised when Bimby refused to come over the next time he invited the child for a sleepover. “Nag-overnight siya sa bahay, dito sa condo ko, kasama si Josh. So kakapa-renovate ko lang nun so nagustuhan ni Bimby yung bahay, ’Papa I like your place. Pwede ba ako pumunta dito lagi?’ Sabi ko, ‘Oo Bimb, anytime pumunta ka.’ Mga ilang days nag-visit ako ulit. Sabi ni Bimb, ’Papa kailan ako ulit pupunta sa bahay mo?’ Sabi ko, ‘Tara, anytime let's go.’ Na-excite ako kasi gustong- gusto niya yung place ko eh. Na-excite siya. Yun ang dream ko na lagi siya pupunta sa bahay. Tapos [nung sumunod ang sinabi na niya], ‘I don’t like your place papa kasi maraming lamok.’ [Nakakapagtaka na ang sinasabi niya noon], ‘Papa can I go to your place?’ tapos biglang wala.” 

You will recall that James and Kris’ marriage was annulled due to the lack of authority of the officiating, which in turn makes their son Bimby illegitimate. James’ lawyer Lorna Kapunan further cited Kris’ plans to legally adopt Bimby, but the star cager refused to sign the adoption papers. “Ang epekto nun ang mga anak illegitimate. Kris wants to adopt Bimby. The result of that is if Bimby's adopted by Kris, he (James) will lose all parental authority over Bimby. You cannot jointly adopt. If you’re not married, you cannot jointly adopt. The biological father needs to consent. He did not give consent to the adoption.” 

On the other hand, Kris’ lawyer Frank Chavez insisted that Atty. Kapunan’s point has no relevance in the protection order that the host-actress sought in court,“That is totality immaterial to the issues raised in the petition.”  Atty. Chavez added that James would still have the parental authority over Bimby even if the temporary protection order (which is currently in effect) against him was made permanent.