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Robin Padilla reveals marital squabble with Mariel Rodriguez; defends wife from bashers

Robin Padilla calls out detractors of wife Mariel Rodriguez; makes an effort to make her feel better after being jealous of his love scenes with Kris Aquino.



2/7/2013 5:10 PM
Robin Padilla reveals marital squabble with Mariel Rodriguez; defends wife from bashers

020713-robin_main.jpgThe social media world was abuzz as Robin Padilla called out the detractors of his wife Mariel Rodriguez via his Instagram account. Apparently, he couldn’t stand all the negative feedback against Mariel, who recently had a jealous fit due to his intimate scenes with Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw co-star Kris Aquino. 

In his Instagram post this Thursday afternoon, February 7, Robin insisted that he wouldn’t think twice about picking a fight with Mariel’s bashers in order to defend her honor. But he was quick to say that his challenge is only applicable to men. 

Mga kababayan hinamon ko na lahat ang umaapi sa asawa ko kanina sa wowowillie kaya kung kaya ninyong panindigan pa ang kalapastanganan niyo sa asawa ko. Andito ako ngayon sa mile long bldg sa dulo ng pasay road, Hit studio. Tara dito wag natin daanin dito sa social media kasi walang mangyayari sa salita, kung babae ka, mawalang galang lang po pero magdala ka ng kuya mo o boypren o kahit na sinong lalaki na ipaglalaban ka dahil hindi nangroromansa ang kamao ko ng dilag. Mag aantay ako dito, Game lets rumble mahal ko ang asawa ko kaya tumahimik ang duwag,” Robin was quoted in saying. 

Mariel, on the other hand, was appeased with Robin’s efforts to make her feel better. Aside from taking her to dinner and giving her flowers last Wednesday night, he also showed up at her noontime show to explain what really happened between them. According to Robin, she gave him back their wedding ring and even left their home, before he finally convinced her of his faithfulness and commitment to their marriage. He also confirmed that Kris had a talk with Mariel, assuring her that what they did in the soap was all for work. 

After all that has been said and done, a happy Mariel shared that the issue has been resolved in her series of tweets, “i miss you so much robinhoodpadilla sorry for being such a brat! [sic]” 

“Im really OA everything I do is over the top.Ive always been honest w my feelings.u dont have 2 like it & I dont have to change to please u. [sic]” 

“my hero! thank you babe! @robinhoodpadilla mahal na mahal kita! thank you for loving me...whether im at my best or at my worst u love me. thank you!!! i promise to be a good girl. best wife!!! i love you! [sic]”  

“Right now I just feel so blessed and grateful that I have a husband who loves and protects me ?”

Although she has been very supportive of Robin’s latest teleserye, Mariel had a jealous fit after watching the love scenes of her husband with ex-flame Kris in Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw last Tuesday night, February 5. This led her to post a quote via Instagram, which said, “Of course I get jealous when they hug you, because in that moment, they have my whole world in their arms.” Then she tweeted the following statement next: “U think its okay because it has to be okay but ITS NOT. That's life.” 

Fortunately, Mariel was also able to thresh things out with Kris who wished her to stay in love and be happy forever.