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Toni Gonzaga says she wants to have two kids someday

Toni Gonzaga says she will prioritize family over showbiz when she gets married.

Toni Gonzaga says she wants to have two kids someday-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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02/22/2013 12:56 PM
Toni Gonzaga says she wants to have two kids someday
022213-toni_main.jpgCurrently busy with nationwide auditions for newest Kapamilya singing competition The Voice of the Philippines, Toni Gonzaga admitted that her relationship with director Paul Soriano will have to take a backseat for now. "Lilibutin namin ang buong Pilipinas, lahat ay welcome mag-audition dito, this is open to 16 years old and above. Walang age limit so anybody can go on stage and audition for as long as you know you have the unique voice that we are looking for. You’re all welcome in this show. Kami magmamando ng auditions and the coaches will have to be there to choose the singers.  Robi Domingo will do the segment of social media. If you’re aware of The Voice sa US, meron silang segment dun sa social media where people can participate through Twitter, Facebook, so yun ang iha-handle naman ni Robi," she said.

The talented singer-actress said that when she does actually settle down, her family will be her top priority. "Pag ganun, hindi na ako yung nasa race, medyo ibang race na ito. I'll be raising my own child," she said. Toni said she is not worried that she might be walking down the aisle in her 30s. Toni said her uterus is still "fresh." "Oo fresh naman ang aking uterus based on the check-up. Reading ready din naman ito eventually. Wala namang problem kasi nagpa-check na ako. Nagpa-general check-up ako. Wala daw problem," she admitted.

Toni said she wants to have two kids someday, a boy and a girl. But for now, her new project is her baby. Toni admitted that this new project brings her closer to her first love. “Actually this will inspire me to improve and develop myself when it comes to the singing department. Siyempre maraming matututunan sa coaches, form the singers and this will help me also hone my skills and when it comes to singing naman. I’m so happy and I feel really blessed to be able to be a part of the Himig Handog on February 24 yung grand finals so ang sarap din maging bahagi ng show na ma-sho-showcase natin yung husay ng OPM at suportahan pa din natin so hindi pa naman nawawala yung music sa buhay ko,” she explained.
The 29-year-old host said she is excited to see the show finally air later this year, but that it will not be like other singing competitions with theme weeks. "This one has no theme. I think one of the best asset ng programang ito is that we will not mold the singers, we will not mold them into something or someone na hindi naman nila personality. We will showcase their talent and their abilities according to what they can do and what they can give. They can choose their songs, they can choose their outfits. Everything will be based on their own choice. Maganda yun kasi di ba sa ibang reality shows they mold the singers minsan sa mold na hindi naman sila comfortable. Kaya dito dun kami sa kung saan talaga sila comfortable and where they think they can shine," she said.

Although Pinoy Big Brother is also a show she loves hosting, Toni confirmed the PBB house will not be open this summer. Doing The Voice of the Philippines has also put any possible teleserye projects on hold as well. "Yun ang ma-ko-confirm ko ngayon, walang PBB this summer. Wala pa yun. Parang matatagalan pa yun, magpapahinga muna siya. Rini-renovate muna nila yung bahay (laughs). Yung teleserye naman nasa kontrata ko yun nung pumirma ako pero naka-hold muna ngayon yun dahil nga dito sa The Voice. Actually may mga serye na na-i-present before pero namimili kasi ako ng serye na hindi ko pa nagagawa. Siguro kung mag-se-serye man ako kasi hindi naman talaga ako gumagawa ng teleserye dahil ang pag-arte ko naman sa pelikula, siguro kung mag-te-telebisyon man ako, eh yung storya na hindi ko pa nagagawa, yung nakaka-challenge na role. Siguro I’m looking for something challenging and I’m sure na merong mga tao na fit at mas babagay dun sa mga programang yun," she said.

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