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Denise Laurel talks about being labeled 'malandi'

Denise Laurel explains how she used people's wrong impression of her to her advantage in becoming an effective actress.

Denise Laurel talks about being labeled 'malandi'-Bernie Franco
Bernie Franco


02/15/2013 10:05 AM
Denise Laurel talks about being labeled 'malandi'
021513-denise_main.jpgUnlike her lead role in the previous afternoon teleserye Pintada, Denise Laurel’s role in the teleserye Precious Heart Romances: Paraiso is the antagonist. However, she said that she does not mind playing kontrabida.

“It’s refreshing. Because I want people to see what an actress is and an actress’s job is to act any part given to her,” she explained at the launch of Olay Conversations, a series of web episodes, featuring interviews with some of the country’s beautiful women spearheaded by Olay. The event was held in Whitespace, Makati City on February 13, Wednesday.

“And I never really thought I was the bida, I never thought of myself as a kontrabida (in doing a project). I see myself as an actress, so kung ano man ang ibinigay nila sa akin I will give my 200 percent.”

She added that she may not be the main character in Paraiso but she is just grateful that she is given good a role considering the fact that there are numerous actors today. “Nowadays andami namin. People [are] fast to rise, fast to fall. Some people are discovered and a lot of people that have talent are not [always given the opportunity]. For me I’m so thankful. As an actor you should just be able to do everything, so para sa akin kung ano ibigay sa akin, I will play it like I am the bida because that’s my job.” 

While she portrays a tough vixen in Paraiso, Denise added that one can be sexy without having to show more skin. She shared that many people had this impression on her as being “malandi” when she was just starting in showbiz. It was ironic because she was not doing any sexy projects then.

“Growing up, I didn’t understand why people would say, ‘Naku, malandi ‘yan,’ ‘You’re so sexy.’ Wala pa akong ginagawa. Balot na balot pa ako. Sinasabi nila na temptress ako,” Denise continued.

Instead of letting these perceptions bring her down, the actress used these to her advantage by portraying roles that are provocative and sexy even without shedding her clothes.

Case in point is her current character, the sultry and cunning Cassandra. “But really parati akong naka-long sleeves, parati akong naka-pencil skirt. It is really the character and aura you bring into things, so people will always say sexy actress ‘yan but if you think about it I haven’t shown anything more than my shoulders and my legs. Being sexy is all in the attitude and confidence, going with the flow and standing firm. You can be sexy without removing our clothes,” she explained.

As one of the interviewees in Olay Conversations web episodes, Denise was interviewed by King of Talk Boy Abunda and the actress opened up about her personal life; the trials, intrigues and misconceptions about her. She said that it was comforting that it was Boy who interviewed her so that she was made to feel comfortable to reveal about personal details about her life.

Aside from Denise, other women with web episodes include Bea Alonzo, and Priscilla Meirelles, among others, that can be viewed at www.olay.com.ph