Coco Martin and Julia Montes shine in 'A Moment in Time'

Coco Martin and Julia Montes prove they are Star Cinema's hottest new love team.


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2/15/2013 11:00 PM
Coco Martin and Julia Montes shine in 'A Moment in Time'

021613-coco_main.jpgIn Star Cinema’s Valentine offering A Moment in Time, Coco Martin and Julia Montes prove that they have the right chemistry to finally translate their strongWalang Hanggan love team to the big screen. The movie, which was also shot in Amsterdam, follows the lives of Patrick Javier, a street artist, and Jillian Linden, a music student. Their paths cross when Patrick first notices Jillian on the train and decides she is the muse he has been looking for in his paintings.

He does everything he can to meet his mystery girl and when he does find her, he discovers that they are worlds apart because of her social standing. This does not deter the very determined Patrick as he does his best to win her heart as a likable delivery guy-slash-street artist. Coco plays his role with ease, used to playing working-class roles in past independent films but this time, he comes off as charming and endearing without dwelling too much on his social status. Julia finds it hard to resist his charms as an introverted, shy, and sheltered only child of Cherie Gil and Gabby Concepcion. When Coco’s character Patrick finally convinces Jillian to pose for him, she discovers a whole other world outside her comfort zone.

The movie provides many “kilig” scenes that will be enjoyed not just by fans of the Coco-Julia love team, but by the young and young-at-heart. Coco proves he is capable of doing romantic comedy as well as heavy drama in this movie. The talented actor admitted he enjoyed the change of pace because he is always pegged as a dramatic actor. Julia plays the role of the headstrong Jillian, proving that her acting skills have definitely been honed after playing a much more mature role in Walang Hanggan.

If the first half of A Moment in Time makes you fall in love with the two main characters, the second half takes a more serious turn as an unexpected twist challenges the love between Patrick and Jillian. Will their connection to each other endure or will they let the mistakes of the past define their future?

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