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Martin Nievera wants ex-wife Pops Fernandez to find a 'quality guy'

Martin Nievera says that although his marriage with Pops Fernandez didn't work out, they still remain really good friends.



2/1/2013 11:38 PM
Martin Nievera wants ex-wife Pops Fernandez to find a 'quality guy'

020213-martin_main.jpgMartin Nievera said that though his marriage to Pops Fernandez is long since over, he still wishes that the Concert Queen will find a “quality guy.” At the recent press conference of ASAP 18, the Concert King shared, “I want to see my ex-wife hook up with someone—even as friends—I want them to be quality people. I mean if I had a say in it. I really shouldn’t have a say [when it comes to Pops’s relationships], right?” Martin told the press.

“But if I had a say, I want quality people to be her friends, to court her, to be her next boyfriend. Whatever it is, I wish and I pray they’re quality people, good people, good souls, good intentions… they won’t use her; they won’t abuse her, they won’t forget her as often as I did during our marriage.”

The singer was then asked if he felt bad that he and Pops weren’t able to patch things up and save their relationship. “Well, I’ve already come to the part of my life where I think I’ve done everything I can, I’ve exhausted every resource that I have to try and get back and put this family back together again,” revealed Martin. “But I guess I failed, I guess I don’t deserve it. Whatever reason it is, I’m already resigned to the fact that she’s moved on, I’ve moved on and all I can do is to support her.”

While their marriage didn’t work out, Martin and Pops still managed to salvage their friendship. Asked to describe their friendship, Martin immediately answered, “Great! Awesome! It’s even better. It sounds weird but when we work together, it’s better.”

Martin and Pops are joining forces for a Valentine concert this February, together with singer couple Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid. Martin said of working again with his ex-wife, “We’re getting close again, we’re laughing a lot, [the friendship is] a lot better than it ever was.”

He even revealed that at one point, Pops suggested that she was not closing her doors on the possibility of getting back together again in the future. “You know what, [Pops once said], ‘Who knows what’s going to happen in 10 years?’ It’s almost 12 [years since we parted ways], but she gave a little hope right?” Martin pointed out.

Martin explained that he and Pops still get along because they have built a strong foundation for their bond. “Pops and I didn’t start out as lovers; that’s why we’re still friends now. If you start out as lovers, you will always be lovers and your fights are more intense and you get back together [and] it’s also intense. But Pops and I started out together as the best of friends. Friendship ang foundation namin. Di pa-fling-fling. We have been friends for many years before we fell in love with each other, so I think that’s the reason why we are the way we are. The foundation of our love, still exists… The in-love part, the in-lust part, all of that longing-to-be-together part, maybe that’s over, but the love has not ended.”