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Paul Soriano will head to Los Angeles for Transit's Oscar campaign

Paul Soriano gears up for the campaign of 'Transit' in California before the Oscars


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12/7/2013 12:01 AM
Paul Soriano will head to Los Angeles for Transit's Oscar campaign

120713-paul_main.jpgPaul Soriano is very proud of his movie Transit after it was chosen as the official entry of the Philippines to the Oscars. He has high hopes that the movie will be nominated in the foreign language film category. “As the producer and the executive producer of Transit I’m very proud of the team especially of the director Hanna Espia, that we were chosen to be the Philippines’ entry and we hope that we are able to raise the flag next year and get the nomination,” he said in an exclusive interview with Push.com.ph.

The award-winning director/producer is heading to Los Angeles, California for the film screenings as part of the campaign. “Right now we are screening in Hollywood. We are going to L.A. We have three more screenings next week for the Academy and for the Golden Globes so it’s up to them once you screen.”

According to Paul, the campaign period will end in the last week of December and voting will start in early January before the 86th Academy Awards on January 16, 2014. “Before Christmas will be our last campaign. The voting begins at January and by mid-January we will find who made it or not but I believe that we have given it the best shot that we have,” he said.

Is there any pressure on his part knowing that his film is representing the whole country? “No pressure. I think you know getting the Oscar nomination and representing, those are all blessings. Once the pressure is already been done, we chose the best show possible and I could’ve been more prouder of Transit,” he commented.

Among the many movies that were short-listed, Paul believes that the story of Transit deeply touched the Philippine Movie Academy, hence it was chosen as the official entry.  “I think they were touched by the story. I think the heart of every film is the story and I think basically that the Film Academy of the Philippines saw that we have the best story to represent our country. I’m not disqualifying the other films, I think all the films were on the short list were all great stories but maybe there’s just something about Transit that touched them a little but more and they chose it to represent the country then. And it’s an honor because Transit is more than a film now, it’s representing our country and like I said it’s a blessing,” he remarked.