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Nikki Gil on 2014: 'Gusto kong enjoyin 'yung pagiging single'

Nikki Gil says she wants to enjoy her being single this 2014.

Nikki Gil on 2014: 'Gusto kong enjoyin 'yung pagiging single'-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


12/28/2013 09:01 PM
Nikki Gil on 2014: 'Gusto kong enjoyin 'yung pagiging single'
122913-Nikki_Main.jpgIn an interview with actress Nikki Gil, she shared that she wants to enjoy being single and devote herself to the things that she wasn’t able to experience when she was in a relationship.

“Gusto kong enjoyin ‘yung pagiging single kasi ano eh feeling ko ngayon ko pa lang siya nai-enjoy ng buong-buo kasi before I was school-work, after that work-jowa, so parang wala akong time to really push for things na gusto ko, kung ano ‘yung gusto kong mangyari sa buhay ko, so I want to enjoy 2014,” she said.

If time permits, Nikki revealed she plans to enroll in a short course on acting in New York or London next year. “If I have the time I would like to, not live abroad, maybe stay abroad for a few months, take short courses, maybe in acting and theater. New York ang peg, New Yorker, or London or something, I don’t know basta all for the investment on my craft. I want to take it a notch higher and really invest in it because the key to longevity, you always need to seek for growth.”

As part of continually moving forward, Nikki remarked that she’s letting go of the bitterness in her past relationship and is focusing on what is in store for her in the future. “I’m very passive now in some certain things, nangyari eh, for sure siyempre nandon pa rin ‘yung ‘It’s unfair, bakit sa akin? Mabait naman akong tao, wala naman akong inaapakan, sinasaktan.’ May ganon but at the end of the day I think of sowing and reaping and becoming a good person and I’ve been kind, I deserve kindness may ganon. I’ve been loyal, I deserve loyalty. I’ve been honest, I deserve honesty. I’ve been generous, I deserve generosity, ‘yung mga ganon. To help me cope I look forward, I look ahead. I don’t look back kasi ano pang magagawa mo, aksaya lang ‘yan ng panahon.”

Nikki admitted that she had her moments of weakness, but she chose strength in dealing with the problems in her personal life. “A lot of eyes are on you because you are a public property so you want to show them something that they will be able to draw inspiration from. Of course, I had my moments of weakness but it was something that I dealt with on my own behind closed doors and within the confines of my family.”