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Julia Montes reveals worst criticism she received in 2013

Julia Montes reveals maintaining a healthy lifestyle is on top of her list of New Year's resolutions.

Julia Montes reveals worst criticism she received in 2013-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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12/28/2013 09:02 PM
Julia Montes reveals worst criticism she received in 2013
122913-Julia_Main.jpgWith a successful soap and movie, 2013 has undoubtedly been good for Julia Montes. Julia also admitted that 2013 has also given her a lot of lessons about confidence and self-worth in particular.

Her two biggest lessons? "Siguro think before you talk and don't react agad unless hindi mo alam ang nangyari," Julia shared in an interview backstage during her recently-concluded grand fans day with Enrique Gil at the Trinoma Mall.

While she seems to be confident about herself, Julia confessed that one of her many flaws is that she tends to be hurt quite easily by sharp criticisms hurled towards her.

A flaw which she believes stems from the fact that, "Siguro kasi normal kasi sa akin na kung ano ang sinabi mo paniniwalaan ko. 'Pag sinabi mong pangit ako or sablay ka sa ginawa mo, paniniwalaan ko 'yon."

But now, Julia said she knows better and what actually helped her get over that weakness was the fact that she now knows what her value and capabilities are as a person. "Na parang kailangan may times din na i-self evaluate mo ang sarili mo at self-worth mo at sabihin mo na 'Ay hindi sinasabi mo lang 'yan.' Baka dahil para lang i-motivate ako or something pero ito ang tingin ko sa sarili ko. At alam ko sa sarili ko kung ano ang mga mali ko, parang ganon," she related.

Worst criticism of 2013? "Parang siguro [may nagsabi lang] na kung ano ako ngayon dapat hindi ako nandito parang ganon. So parang siyempre napaisip ako na parang 'totoo nga ba?' Parang [na-down] ko nanaman ang sarili ko na 'ganon nga kaya? Ganon kaya ang tingin ng lahat ng tao sa akin?'" Julia revaled.

All her doubts dissipated eventually though, all thanks to her supporters, whom she said, have boosted her morale.

But even before someone could write off her revelation as a sign that she's a little too sensitive for showbiz, Julia said that she understands that she can't please everybody. "Siyempre hindi naman po maiiwasan 'yon, siyempre bawat tao may opinion at may mga gusto sila at siguro wala sa akin 'yon kaya siguro may mga nasasabi sila. Pero for me thankful pa rin ako sa mga nagsasabi ng ganon kasi ngayon parang napansin ko sa sarili ko at napansin rin naman ng mga kasama ko lagi na mas nagiging positive ako," the former Muling Buksan Ang Puso actress said.

"Bago mag 2014 'yun naman rin ang kasama sa goal ko na parang mas maging positive na tao lang ako para maging masaya lang at walang mabigat na feeling," she continued.

Meanwhile, speaking of New Year's resolutions, Julia also shared that she hopes that by 2014, she'd be more driven in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. "Kasi since noon, noon pa 'yun 'yung inumpisahan ko. So sabi ko sana bago pumasok ang 2014 mag-start na 'yung healthy lifestyle kasi medyo nag-start talaga ako sa matabang mataba so kailangan kong [i-maintain 'yung ganitong physique] kasi 'yung cheeks ko daw eh. So kailangan daw i-maintain kasi hindi na daw ako bumabata," she said.

Part of her fitness regimen is going on a diet and boxing, however, she stressed that she's not very religious when it comes to keeping things healthy. "Hindi ako katulad ng iba na parang three times a week. Parang every now and then lang na may time. Minsan once a week or minsan sa isang week wala pa. Pero 'pag nag-train lang siguro napapawisan ng sobra kaya medyo nag-lose," Julia shared.