Eugene Domingo plans to slow down in 2014

Eugene Domingo hopes to find a new love come 2014.

Eugene Domingo plans to slow down in 2014-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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12/27/2013 07:14 AM
Eugene Domingo plans to slow down in 2014
122713-Uge1_main.jpgDespite the success of the Kimmy Dora movie franchise, lead star Eugene Domingo said she thinks that it's high time that the film wrap up with the third installment. "I think it’s about time to end it, by the third time and it’s not hard to let go because you have given your best," Eugene said during an interview on the set of Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel.

Eugene said that she would miss portraying the polar opposite twin sisters just the same. "I grew with the role, I will miss them. Sana in the future siguro… ‘di ba uso naman ang revival? Mga ganyan. [If] I’m still alive to see it, to give some pointers to the new Kimmy Dora ten years from now," she enthused.

Although she was not new in the business then, Eugene said she recognizes the fact that Kimmy Dora was the film that actually launched her career as a lead star. For Eugene, that was the biggest take away that she learned from being the star of the franchise: that every actor has their own time to shine.

"I have learned that to have a space in the business you have to be launched. I was really reluctant. I was content playing .let’s say, support or character roles because ganon naman ako eh. Okay lang talaga ako kahit ano... Nandoon kasi ako sa coolness kasi hindi naman ako hardcore star na let’s push for stardom," the actress said.

Apart from that Uge, Eugene's nickname, discovered what really matters at the end of the day: "I have learned, mas mangingibabaw pa rin ang kagustuhan mo to entertain your audience. That is your responsibility as an actor. Do not forget. Aside from honing your craft, you have responsibility to entertain your audience and so Kimmy Dora is about entertainment."

2013 has undoubtedly been a fruitful year for Eugene, having starred in six films in the year alone. For 2014, Eugene plans to slow down a bit, but will still be active for her fans. "I am reading some scripts. Definitely there’s one or two from Chris Martinez and independent and a mainstream. And I really want to do a play for UP perhaps," she related.

Apart from giving herself some time to relax, Eugene said 2014 would also be about her heart. "Siguro naman andami dami ko ng ginawa nung 2013 for all of you sa 2014 I think I’m just going to put up a garden and learn how to raise flowers and trees and then look for someone to have tea in the garden," she quipped with a laugh.

Eugene shared that she’s not dating anyone as of the moment, though she admitted that was not open to the idea of a relationship for some time. “Ako nagtataka rin eh, pero feeling ko naman kasi kailangan you’re open to it. I think kasi hindi siya priority. Hindi siya priority pero siyempre sasabihin mo rin, pagdadasal mo rin para ‘yung ibigay sayo galing kay Lord kasi baka ‘yung ibigay sayo eh ipahamak ka lang, sayang naman ang puso ko. Pero pinagdadasal ko ‘yun katulad ng mga proyekto ko,” she said.

She added, “Life is going to be a lot more interesting when there’s someone interesting in my real life.

What does she look for in the man that she would give her heart to? “Well ika nga ni Marian David sa Status It’s Complicated, ‘Ah basta kahit anong itsura basta mabait okay na.’ Hindi naman mataas pa rin ang standards ko… [But] I hope he makes me laugh.”