Five things you need to know about Jessy Mendiola

Five things you need to know about Jessy Mendiola-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


12/24/2013 11:42 AM
Five things you need to know about Jessy Mendiola
1. Jessy loves to read books and she has a mini-library in her room.

Jessy is a huge book lover. She reads a lot in her spare time. "I like to read novels a lot. I have a library in my room. I have bookshelves in my room. Meron akong history, autobiography, mahilig akong magbasa ng mga buhay nila Marilyn Monroe, Aubrey Hepburn, Jackie O.," she shared.

She’s also fond of reading fiction stories by popular authors. "Tapos may mga novels ako ni Paolo Coelho, Nicholas Sparks. Siyempre sino ba hindi nakabasa ng Fifty Shades of Grey. Tapos meron din akong Hunger Games. Nakakatuwa kasi ‘yung mga fans ko they give me books also as gift, don ako natutuwa, lahat ina-arrange ko ‘yan, tinitingnan ko kung ano ‘yung next ko,” she relayed.

2. Her long time dream is to become a housewife.

"Isang pangarap ko na hanggang ngayon pangarap ko pa rin kahit artista na ako, ang maging housewife. Gusto ko maging housewife. I would love to take care of my kids and cook for them," she admitted.

But she’s not rushing things though. Jessy is willing to wait for the right time. “Pero after 10 years pa siguro. 21 pa [lang] ako, ang dami ko pang pagdadaanan. Siguro for me my ideal age maybe late 20s, mga 28 or 29, latest na siguro mga 32 or 33 mga ganon, pero for me you really can't plan it. Pagdadating, dadating,” she said.

3. She wants to be an action star.

Jessy wants to star in an action film. "I want to do action talaga. Matagal ko na ‘tong sinasabi talaga, gusto ko mag-action. Total nagawa niyo naman ako na medyo boyish naman ako dito sa Maria Mercedes, I want to show naman na kaya ko rin na tumakbo ng mabilis, na makipagsapakan, makipagsuntukan, ‘yung ganon," she said.

4. If she weren’t in showbiz, she might have enrolled in law school or become a writer.

Jessy said that she might have pursued a law had showbiz not come calling. “Maybe right now I would be studying in a regular school if I weren’t a celebrity. I will take up law.” Also, Jessy relayed how she was fond of writing when she was little. She might have become a writer as well. “When I was really, really young, I would write stories, I write poems, but now I don’t have time, I read na lang,” she stated.

5. She prioritizes her career more than anything at the moment.

When asked if she wants to have a love life at this point, Jessy said that it is not her main priority. She remarked that she wants to focus on her career first. “Sa akin hindi pa siguro ako [maglo-love life] kasi nagsisismula pa lang ako eh. Siguro sa iba kasi sila sobrang haba na ng pinagdaanan na nila eh, sobrang dami na nilang pinagtrabahuan eh, so for me, I think for me marami pa siguro akong pagdadaanan sa ngayon. Ang love life ko ngayon ay ang career ko,” she remarked.

Jessy Mendiola is undeniably one of the hottest stars of today. Her beauty has captivated some of the top bachelors of this country, from Sam Milby to Jake Cuenca and even brothers Jeric and Jeron Teng. Her alluring appeal has kept viewers glued to their TV screens. But there is definitely more to her than meets the eye. Here are five things you need to know about Jessy Mendiola: