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Koreen Medina is Miss Intercontinental third runner-up

Star Magic talent Koreen Medina also wins Miss Intercontinental's Continental Queen of Asia and Oceania prizes

Kristhoff Cagape


12/21/2013 07:52 PM
Koreen Medina is Miss Intercontinental third runner-up
122213-Koreen_Main.jpgMutya ng Pilipinas and Star Magic talent Koreen Medina won third runner-up at the recently concluded Miss Intercontinental pageant in Magdeburg, Germany last December 14, 2013, Saturday.

In an exclusive interview with Push.com.ph, Koreen expressed how proud she is to win the title and to represent the Philippines on the international stage. “Super proud po ako of course that I have given an honor to our country kasi it wasn’t easy for Asians na makapasok sa mga European competitions na like that po, iba ‘yung laban eh, iba pa rin ‘yung laban so sobrang nakaka-proud sa sarili na ito po ‘yung narating ko, na pasok pa rin ang Philippines sa top five,” she remarked.

The Filipina beauty said that she didn’t expect to win the title since she was competing with more experienced candidates in the pageant. Koreen is only 18 years old. “Nong nakita ko nga at first I was so scared kasi they were 25, mga sanay na po, ang dami na nilang nasalihang pageant like sa Miss World, mga Miss Earth, so parang ako paano ko sasabayan ‘yung galing nila?”

She added, “I didn’t expect it kasi iba po ‘yung laban niya eh, continent po so sa Asia and Oceania pa lang naglalaban na po per continent. Kailangan mag-best ka sa continent na ‘yun para makapasok ka sa top 5 at ang labanan sa Asia at Oceania parang ang higpit na po eh, ang dami rin pong magagaling so it wasn’t easy talaga, so hindi niyo po mai-expect.”

Koreen shared that her perseverance and humility brought her the victory that she is enjoying right now. “They told me that I have this determination despite na I’m just 18. Then ‘yung sabi po nila sa akin na I am super easy to talk with and sobrang nagustuhan rin nila na I’m humble, super don po ako natutuwa kasi of course dito sa Philippines pa lang sinasanay na kami as artist na be humble, ‘yun bang makakausap mo talaga ng maayos so parang ‘yun siguro din ang naging advantage ko na as an artist alam ko rin po ‘yung about the industry din,” she said. 

Moving forward, Koreen will remain as a Star Magic talent. “I did acting workshops na rin with Star Magic, hosting workshops and then dancing workshops. I’ll stick pa rin sa Star Magic.”

On her message to the Filipinos, the beauty queen stated, “Never give up, that’s really my line in my mind always. And a winner is not only the one who wins, but the one who never quits, because if you have that goal in mind, stick to it, and the rest you just have to do your best and God will do the rest.”

Koreen also won the Continental Queen of Asia and Oceania prize in the pageant.