Matteo Guidicelli talks about his passion for triathlons

Matteo Guidicelli on triahthlons:'It's a good sportàIt refreshes the mind body and everything and it's good for you.'


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12/21/2013 12:00 AM
Matteo Guidicelli talks about his passion for triathlons

122113-matteo-main.jpgMatteo Guidicelli said that all he wants for the holiday season is to be with his family. “My Christmas gift for myself, nothing materially, I just want to organize something really solid with my family to just really be altogether,” he said.

On his New Year’s resolution, the actor shared that he wants to improve himself personally and professionally. “Every year, I always put on my iPhone my New Years' resolution. I’ve had it for the past two years and so far naman I've been trying, I've been doing it. I guess it’s just really trying to improve everything for next year, trying to be a better person, be better at my job, simply improve myself, learning more everyday,” he relayed.

Matteo is known to be active in triathlons and he is looking forward to doing more this coming 2014. “My triathlon season is going to start again in March and I’ve been choosing more important races right now because I’m busier with work now so I don’t have much time to train so I am choosing. I was supposed to do Hawaii a few months ago, but I couldn’t because of Galema so hopefully by next year I could do it again if I could qualify on March.”

When asked about what he loves about the sport, he shared, “It's a good sport, it’s a cardiovascular sport, yeah it takes a lot of time but it’s good, it refreshes the mind, body and everything, and it's good for you.”

The actor is also persuading his other friends to try it. “My racing teams before, three of them, you know Marlon Stockinger, I’m trying to push him next year and my other two other teammates and some other friends. I’m trying to persuade them and influenced them to try this sport,” he shared.