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Nikki Gil: 'I learned to become really accepting of my circumstances'

Nikiki Gil shares the biggest lesson she has learned this year.


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12/18/2013 10:28 AM
Nikki Gil: 'I learned to become really accepting of my circumstances'

121813-Nikki_Main.jpgNikki Gil admitted that she enjoys doing a kontrabida role, but she finds it hard dealing with the backlash that comes with it. “Doing a kontrabida role I enjoy it, but what comes with it, the bashing, the insults, ‘yun I am having a hard time dealing with,” she said. When asked if she prefers doing a protagonist role instead, she relayed, “It depends on the background story of each character. I enjoy doing a kontrabida role as much doing a protagonist role.”

On where she gets her inspiration when playing an antagonist, she shared, “I don’t know, siguro don din sa mga tao na naiinis ako, whatever they are doing, gagawin ko rin ‘yung mga nuances. And of course I do my homework, I do a lot of research. I watched a lot of movies.”

Nikki relayed that she’s far different from her character in Maria Mercedes. Nahihirapan lang ako kay Misty (her role in the soap) kasi sobrang magkaiba kami ng views on how we deal with what she’s dealing right now pagdating sa rejection ni Luis (one of the main characters in the soap). Kasi pag nakatanggap ako ng rejection eh kung ayaw mo eh di huwag mo, hindi ko ipipilit. Eh may pagkadesperada ‘tong si Misty, so makulit, super push si Misty, hindi ako ganon. I’m not going to waste my time and put so much effort.”

On the biggest lesson that she learned this 2013, she shared that she realized how important acceptance is. “I learned to become really accepting of my circumstances, of the things that are happening to me in terms of my career, of my personal life. I’ve come to learn that it’s all part of a big plan and I should just ride the waves and trust that it is a good plan and there’s a purpose for everything.”

Despite dealing with major downturns in her personal life this year, Nikki remains optimistic. “I believe in good karma. I believe in sowing and reaping. I believe that in getting what you deserve and I believe that every adversity are there to make the story of your life even more colorful and the journey more meaningful. So kung ano man ‘yung dumating sa buhay ko na pagsubok, I tackle it head on because I know that It will only make me a better person and because of the adversity I will enjoy a much sweeter victory,” she remarked.