Vic Sotto lauds Kris Aquino for being a devoted mother

Vic Sotto on Kris Aquino being a stage mother: 'Makikita mo kung gaano niya kamahal ang mga anak niya'


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12/13/2013 9:12 AM
Vic Sotto lauds Kris Aquino for being a devoted mother

121313-Vic_Main.jpgVic Sotto had nothing but good words for Kris Aquino, his co-producer on his upcoming 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival entry My Little Bossings, especially when it comes to being a mother. In past interviews, Kris has been very open about admitting that shooting her son Bimby’s debut film has unleashed her being a stage mother so much so that she even jokingly called it as her second job.

This was a fact that Vic confirmed during the recently-concluded press conference of the film about how the Queen of All Media treats her son, Bimby on the set. “It's very evident, mula sa suot hanggang sa ano ang kakainin and it just shows how much she loves her children. How good a mother she is. Nakikita ko naman, eh. Sa pagpapalaki niya kay Josh. Kay Bimby. Mababait na bata. Masunurin na mga bata. Mapagmahal na mga bata,” Vic explained.

To those who might question Kris’s motherly ways, Vic rallied towards the Kris TV host’s side immediately. “She's a very good mother. Some people would say that she has a tendency to spoil her children pero nakita ko kung gaano niya kamahal ang mga anak niya,” he added.

Having mentioned that Kris tends to take note of even the smallest of things pertaining to her son’s welfare, Bossing (as Vic is often called), was asked if such a trait got on his nerves. He answered, “Hindi naman. It's nice watching her. Kasi makikita mo kung gaano niya kamahal ang mga anak niya. Kung gaano ka-valuable ang mga anak niya. Kung paano niya pinapalaki ang mga anak niya. Kaya nga she sets a very good example to mothers.”

Kris and Vic are also co-producers on the Marlon Rivera-helmed flick, their first co-production venture. The press asked Vic if he had a tough time helping Kris learn the ropes of the other of show business. “She learns fast eh. Mabilis siyang matuto,” he supplied.

According to Vic, Kris, who’s known for being straightforward and for being proactive in whatever she does, also chipped in some ideas for the film. “Marami siyang magagandang ideya na she throws in sa script, sa promo, sa lahat,” he continued.

But has her proactive nature gotten in the way of their production of the film? “Hindi naman. Kasi lahat ng pakikialam ginawa na namin sa pre-production. Mas mahaba ang pre-production namin kaysa sa pagte-taping kaya lahat ng input nandoon na. ’Yung mga gagawin na lang is ‘yung mae-execute na lang ang mga napag-usapan,” he shared.