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  • Sam Milby: 'Sana after the movie (Kimmy Dora) makikita ng mga tao na 'Ay magaling naman si Sam mag-action.'

Sam Milby hopes to venture into action films in the future

Sam Milby: 'Sana after the movie (Kimmy Dora) makikita ng mga tao na 'Ay magaling naman si Sam mag-action.'

Maureen Marie Belmonte

Twitter: @MissHappyWriter


12/14/2013 01:58 AM
Sam Milby hopes to venture into action films in the future
121413-saM_MAIN.jpgSam Milby is set to star in his first Metro Manila Film Festival entry, Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel, opposite multi-awarded actress Eugene Domingo.

During a recently-concluded set visit, Eugene described Sam as “perfection” primarily because he seamlessly portrayed his role Rodin Bartoletti and shocked the whole staff and crew as to how good he was when it came to doing fight scenes.

Itong movie na ito siguro has the most action that I’ve done in any movie,” he began. Then followed it with, “Eh siyempre hindi naman mahilig mag-action movie ngayon dito sa Pilipinas so eto andaming action. Ako sobrang nag-enjoy talaga. And of course I’m excited kasi first time na MMFF and I’m a fan of Kimmy Dora. Napakagaling talaga si Ate Uge making Kimmy Dora and it’s been a lot of fun, especially the action scenes.”
Sam’s first brush with the action genre happened back in 2008 during his first indie film titled Cul de Sac by then budding filmmaker Juan Miguel Sevilla. Until Kimmy Dora, the roles portrayed by Sam, as he said, whether on TV or on the big screen had been limited to being a typical Fil-Am or balikbayan with a very thick twang.

Sam was very eager to say that he really wants to expand his horizons and venture into action. “Gustong gusto ko! I’ve always been in to martial arts, MMA. I did wrestling in high-school, nag-karate ako for a bit in college and then last year I did a bit of Muay Thai and even for this nag-training ako for muay thai and ‘yun talaga ang hilig ko,” he blurted.

In a very candid confession, Sam even shared a weird “dream” that he’s hoping will happen soon—that is to be part of a brawl. But ultimately though, the hunky singer said that what he hopes to be part of is a film that’s somehow similar to the spy thriller Bourne Identity with “grabeng fast na action scenes na mahahaba na fight scenes.”
However, inasmuch as he wants to join the ranks of the country’s famed action stars if an opportunity comes, Sam is well aware of the fact that the action film scene has taken a backseat in the mainstream film industry.

“I think mahirap pa rin dito sa Pilipinas na gawan ng action kasi lalo na sa mainstream siyempre alam naman natin lahat na may formula naman. [Madalas kasi puro] kilig, romantic-comedy, comedy, horror, pero pagdating sa action [wala eh],” the actor lamented.

According to Sam, the last legitimate action flicks were those of the late King of the Philippine Movies Fernando Poe Jr. “Ngayon there’s not a lot of production companies na nagagawa ng action. Lalo na dahil ‘yung mga action movies sa Hollywood, it’s hard to keep up with them,” the 29-year-old star said.

Hopefully though, after watching Kimmy Dora some fans or producers may take notice of his skills in doing action stunts. “Sana after the movie makikita ng mga tao na ‘Ay magaling naman si Sam mag-action.’ And sana naman in the future [makagawa ako ng action] because I’d really love to do that,” Sam ended.

Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel will be out in cinemas nationwide on December 25 as part of the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival.