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2PM K-Pop group member Nichkhun urged Pinoys devastated by Typhoon Yolanda to 'stay strong'

2PM's Nichkhun likewise vowed to give donations to the victims of the 7.2 magnitude quake in the Visayas region


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11/10/2013 12:28 AM
2PM K-Pop group member Nichkhun urged Pinoys devastated by Typhoon Yolanda to 'stay strong'

111013-nickhun_main.jpgWith so much celebrity wishing the nation well due to record-breaking Typhoon Yolanda’s incalculable damage in the Visayas and Mindanao region that displaced thousands of Pinoys, an international star, in the person of 2PM K-pop group member Nichkhun has joined the bandwagon and wished that the nation would stay resilient and positive amid this tragedy.

Nichkhun, who came at an unfortunate time in the country for a fan meet exactly when the typhoon’s wreaking havoc in the south, noted during his press conference held at the Bench Tower on November 8 that “it’s heartbreaking to be a victim of something like this.”

Nevertheless, the 25-year-old Thailand born star empathized and gave a few words of encouragement to the ones affected by the storm.

“I really wish all your family and friends are safe… I hope you guys stay strong and never give up,” said he.

Somehow affirming Pinoys’ timeless resilience, he even added, “I’m sure when everything clears up, everything will go back to normal—or better.”

This visit for a fan meet as local clothing brand, Bench’s newest Global Benchsetter endorser marks his third trip to the country. The first one happened in 2010 when he went to Payatas with his co-2PM member Chansung for a Korean TV show titled Danbi.

“The first time I was here with a TV show where we went to Payatas—to help out the kids there. We played with them, we fed them… and stuff like that. It was actually an amazing experience for me,” he recalled.

The second one was for their concert titled What Time Is It Tour: 2PM Live in Manila at the SM Mall of Asia Arena just last March 2. This time, Nichkhun, came not only with Chansung but with the other members as well, namely, Jun K., Junho, Taecyeon, and Wooyoung.

Although he admits that off these three visits he has yet to really appreciate and explore the country in-depth, Nichkhun says that Filipinos hold a special place in his heart so much so that he offered help to the affected people of the shocking 7.2 magnitude quake that shook the Bohol and Cebu region last October 15.

“When I first heard about the earthquake, I already had plans to come here and a part of me was always here in the Philippines.

“So when I heard about the earthquake, it really shook me… So I really want this trip to be meaningful to the Filipinos, too, so I’d like to make some donations to the victims,” shared the K-Pop star.

His kind gesture earned the nod of those present at the press conference and certainly earned him a bunch of new fans from the crowd, which somehow prompted event host Grace Lee to ask how he finds his Pinoy fans and how can he compare them to his other fans, say the Thais.

Without having to compare, the Thai-Chinese singer noted how the Pinay’s are “pretty” but above all he underscored that like the Thais, his Filipino fans are also “welcoming” and are “always smiling.”

Since it’s his third visit in the country, won’t there be a chance for him to perhaps a single locally like some other stars?

“Maybe put out a single here, because of that song, Don’t Touch My Birdie! Maybe I’ll do something like that,” he quipped much to his fans’ delight. 

Don’t Touch My Birdie is one of the many eye-catching and risqué songs of quintessential Pinoy band Parokya ni Edgar which was released in 1999.

Catch Nichkhun’s first-ever “Benchsetter Fun Meet” on November 9 at the Trinoma Mall and the SM Mall of Asia.