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Jake Cuenca recognizes having wronged ex-GFs Melissa Ricks, Roxanne Guinoo

Jake Cuenca still wants to make amends with past girlfriends Melissa Ricks and Roxanne Guinoo


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11/3/2013 10:40 PM
Jake Cuenca recognizes having wronged ex-GFs Melissa Ricks, Roxanne Guinoo

110413-Jake-main.jpgIt’s no mystery for actor Jake Cuenca why his past girlfriends Melissa Ricks and Roxanne Guinoo are still harboring ill-feelings against him even after years since they have parted ways.  

The hunk actor, during a live appearance on “Buzz ng Bayan” on Sunday, acknowledged the fact that he has wronged the two actresses.

“I did them wrong. I never denied that. Pero I am so in love at that time. I’d be so passionate, I would love this person and mamahalin ko talaga siya ng parang walang bukas and then one day, parang I fell out of love,” he explained.

But between Roxanne and Melissa, it was the latter who’s very vocal about her dislike for Jake even saying that the she wasn’t able to forge a friendship with him after they have parted ways.

In an abs-cbnNEWS,com report last August, the Honesto actress just laughed at Jake’s previous statement saying that he’s “trying to fix things” with her.

"Kasi ako, if you're going to say something, you better just say it truthfully. Hindi 'yung magsasabi ka lang para maganda ka tingnan ng tao, or so you seem like a better person. If you are doing something, you don't have to tell other people or tell the whole world before you do it," she said.

To this day, the 25-year-old actor revealed that he has exhausted all efforts to patch things up with his former beaus.

“I’ve apologized talaga so many times. Okay yung breakup. I don’t know why it was easy for me at that time to have moved on right away. Masakit talaga 'yun kasi I’ve been at the receiving end of that one. Parang umaasa ka pa rin, mahal na mahal mo pa rin yung tao, okay naman ang breakup niyo, umaasa ka pa rin and then one day may boyfriend na,” he said.

But he remains hopeful that someday forgiveness would find its way into their hearts.

“Yeah but I think that’s something that needs to be very personal. [I tried] a couple of times but wala pa 'yung panahon,” said he.

In the end, he was asked as to whether he has ever heard a solid reason from one of the two why they are mad at him or if in his heart he fully grasps the reason why they are still furious.

“Sometimes I don’t [understand why they are mad] kasi for a lot of reasons, I can be mad also for a few things,” he confessed.

After his relationship with Melissa ended in 2011, recall that Jake has had a “special friendship” with actress Lovi Poe that he even admitted on National Television that he is in love with her. But no relationship really flourished between them supposedly because they have chosen to prioritize their respective careers.