Sam Milby corrects past 'mistake'

Sam on courting Jessy: 'If it works out, sana, it's gonna be great and I don't see why there'd be a reason not to admit it. If it doesn't ibig sabihin na we're better off as friends'


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11/30/2013 12:05 AM
Sam Milby corrects past 'mistake'

113013-Sam_main.jpgSam Milby took a lot of people by surprise some months ago when he confessed that he was wooing actress Jessy Mendiola. According to Sam, it was a move that he did to correct a mistake he had with his past relationships.

“It was a mistake that I did in the past with my exes. I never admitted and I don’t want to make the same mistake right from the start eh kasi nagha-hangout kami eh. May mga times na nag-movie kami even with friends. I’m sure may mga magtatanong, ‘Ay bakit magkasama sila Sam and Jessy?’ I’m sure that would come up and I don’t want to be like, ‘Ah, we’re just friends you know,’” the Kimmy Dora Ang Kiyemeng Prequel actor explained during a recent set visit.

While still keeping parts of his life private remains his greatest priority, Sam, in a way, believes that his admission is something that the he owes to the people who might see him and Jessy together.

“But pagdating sa ganon dahil parehas kaming nasa showbiz and they see us together pa, be honest naman. It’s like ‘yun lang why nagha-hangout kami or anything like that,” the Filipino-American heartthrob said.

Won’t his confession somehow jinx the relationship, especially since keeping relationship under wraps has worked to the advantage of other stars? “It would obviously probably help in a way kasi ang problema, when you say kahit ligaw kahit nagha-hangout kayo may impression na ‘ah kayo na’ tapos kapag wala na [ganon pa rin]. You always get the [public’s] own opinion and people never know kung ano ang totoo kung ano ang nangyayari. They always have their own opinion about whatever they’re stuck with that eh,” the actor said.

Opting to be honest about his intentions for Jessy, Sam explained that it doesn’t mean that he’s keeping his private life open to public scrutiny. “I think especially if you are with a girl, one thing I should’ve done in the past, when you have a girlfriend especially na nasa showbiz rin, admitting it first off is showing that you’re making a stand for the woman you love. You’re being a man, you’re saying this because I’m proud of her parang you’re not hiding anything. I think that’s the way it should be,” the 29-year-old Kapamilya singer enthused.

However, he underscored that he has nothing against those people who prefer to keep their liaisons quiet and that in fact he understands them to a certain extent because “Yun nga mahirap lang kasi people have their own opinion ‘pag nag-break kayo and it always ends up messy but it’s a risk [I’m willing to take].”

Echoing what Jessy said in recent interviews, Sam clarified that they are still not officially together but he says he’s ready to accept whatever the result of his courtship might be. “So, if it works out, sana, it’s going to be great and I don’t see why there’d be a reason not to admit it. If it doesn’t ibig sabihin na we’re better off as friends and sana people won’t look at it in any other way, of course it won’t happen that way, kasi lagi naman ‘di ba?” he concluded.