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Iza Calzado sets timeframe when to tie the knot

Iza Calzado sees herself getting married in two to three years

Iza Calzado sets timeframe when to tie the knot-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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11/16/2013 10:15 PM
Iza Calzado sets timeframe when to tie the knot
111713-iza_main.jpgAmid the very moving, not to mention romantic, shampoo commercial that she and her boyfriend starred in recently, Iza Calzado clairified that Ben Wintle has yet to pop the question. And she’s actually fine with that.

In the said commercial, Ben enumerated the things he loves about Iza such as her determination to better herself, her passion for whatever she does, and her utmost love for her craft. He also talked about how their love story unfolded. According to the sportsman-businessman, he first saw Iza some five years ago in a music video, but only got the chance to meet her in person two years ago during a ball in Manila.

Although after seeing the commercial many probably wished that Ben proposed to the Kapamilya actress, Iza thinks otherwise. “‘Wag muna. Mga two to three years pa, bata pa ako eh,” blurted the 31-year-old actress during the recently-concluded press announcement of her upcoming soap You’re My Home.

Iza said she’s “not yet there” as far as settling down is concerned. "I'm not yet in that phase of my life, but definitely it's sooner than later. Mayroon ka nang [iniisip] na maybe in a few years, definitely kasi children are a big part of it,” she said.

Although she was adamant about not being ready to tie the knot yet, Iza pretty much has a clear idea of what she wants to be done when someone proposes to her. “So ‘yun lang ang tanging hiling ko kung ako ay ikakasal or if someone were to propose to me, please record it so that I can see myself so I can see the transition from shock. Gusto ko talagang makita kasi tuwang-tuwa ako,” she admitted.

Iza confessed that she’s long been fascinated with women’s reactions whenever someone kneels down and asks for their hand in marriage. “Ewan ko may fascination ako sa ganon or maybe because I’m an actress pero feeling ko kasi may mga bagay sa buhay na hindi mo talaga mai-a-act out and it comes so naturally especially in big moments and it’s so beautiful to watch and then experience it,” she said.

But in the end, despite being happy with Ben and being close with his family, Iza maintained that she’s not walking down the aisle anytime soon because, “I want to focus on myself [first].”