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Vina Morales is not shy to admit she has younger suitors

Vina Morales says she is busy focusing on her career and daughter Ceana.

Vina Morales is not shy to admit she has younger suitors-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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10/05/2013 10:38 PM
Vina Morales is not shy to admit she has younger suitors
100513-Vina_Main.jpgApart from being part of the cast of the remake of Mexican telenovela Maria Mercedes, Vina Morales said she is still very much hands-on with their family business which is managing the chain of Ystilo salons all over the city. “I would say that it’s not that easy. I'm just so thankful to have really great partners. The one who is in charge with the operations is my sister Sheila Moreno and the one who is helping with the marketing is my sister Shaina and also my sister in the States Sheryle. So it's really a family business and it just so happened that I have a great team. The Ystilo family ang tagal na nila, some of them have been here since we started. So karamihan ng mga staff namin has been with us since it started so siguro blessed kami na magkaroon ng ganung klaseng team na hindi ko na kailangan sabihin kung anong kailangang gawin kasi may kusa sila,” she admitted.

The talented actress said her family's support has allowed her to continue with her showbiz career. “That's really one reason kung bakit naba-balanse yung time ko pagdating sa acting when I do tapings and at the same time being a mother. Lucky ako kasi andiyan yung mga kapatid ko to take care of my daughter at pag meron naman akong trabaho blessed din ako with ABS-CBN dahil pinapayagan ako na dalhin yung anak ko while I'm taping. So naba-balanse ko pero yun nga lang walang love life (laughs),” she added.

Although she admitted that she wants to find love again, Vina said she is in no hurry to find her Mr. Right. “Alam mo I can't do anything about it because maybe if you force to things to happen, if it's going to be my way, it won't work out so I want it in God's time. His way, na ayokong pilitin, hindi talaga para sa akin for now. Kung meron talaga Siyang guy for me, naku Lord sana naman ano? (laughs). I'm really praying for that. But it's just that nasa stage ako ngayon na hindi katulad noon na I push things to happen. This time I just go with the flow. But of course you have to work hard and go out, meet some people, pero even if you meet some people pero hindi pa rin naman ganun kabuo yung desisyon mo to have a relationship then I guess it's not going to work,” she explained.

In fact, Vina says she wants to find a boyfriend before Shaina this time. “I am ready. It's just that I have no one yet to be committed to. For now, linoloko ko nga si Shaina na, 'O basta ako muna ha bago ikaw' (laughs) Yun lang yun. Sabi ko, 'Shaina unfair na yan ha kapag ikaw ulit! Ako muna kasi medyo matagal na akong walang boyfriend' (laughs). Biro lang naman yun,” she said.

The Maria Mercedes actress said she has had her share of younger suitors but has not gone out with any of them. “Cougar? (laughs) Naku bata pa naman ako noh. Meron naman, may mga nag-te-text text sa akin. If somebody would want to date me who's younger than me sana not so young naman, maybe a bit younger? Why not, let's see kung magki-click. Of course may mga nangungulit but it's just too young na parang teka muna, kakamot ako ng ulo na baka sakit ng ulo yata ang ibibigay sa akin nito. May mga nangungulit, hindi mawawala yan. I just tell them I'm so busy or parang let's just go out with a group, yung ganun. I dont want to tell them naman na I don't want to date them pero I say it na parang let's stay as friends and go out with a group. I'll just date them with someone else, yun na lang (laughs)” she said.

Another requirement Vina looks for in a man is that he should understand that her daughter Ceana is her number one priority. “Well of course the person has to accept that I have a daughter already. It's a package na kailangan tanggapin niya. Pangalawa, of course I want someone who is responsible enough to take care of a family, hindi naman ako nasa stage na puwede ako maglaro di ba? Or I can just play around and just have fun and date all the time. I want a serious one naman. I think it's the right time for me to have that kind of relationship. Kung fun lang, naku napakarami diyan (laughs). I can just date anyone if I want to,” she said.

When asked if she would date a guy with kids, Vina said she has no double standards. “Ayokong mag-judge, mahirap ng ganun. Basta I just want to make sure that he's really committed to me and my daughter. I think that's the most important thing. Whatever his past was, hindi ko rin problema yun kasi I also had my problem before, I also have my past. I guess if things can work out, then why not?” she said.

When it comes to her estranged relationship with Ceana's dad, Vina would rather keep the details private. “I haven't been in touch with the dad but medyo ako kasi pagdating sa ganyan medyo personal and whatever is happening now, as much as possible, maging private. I'm sure things will turn out in a good way naman in God's time. But Ceana and I are very okay and we're so blessed. Si Ceana hindi pa niya maintindihan. Hindi pa naman siya nagtatanong pero siguro if a kid is very well loved by the family, hindi niya mararamdaman yun eh. And if may time for her and I always tell her I love her so much, hindi mararamdaman ng bata siguro yun at this time. When she gets older siguro, maybe marami na siyang tanong sa akin. Alam ko dadating yung panahon na maraming itatanong sa akin yung anak ko and that I have to be ready for those questions. Mahirap sa isang single mom di ba? Pero siguro naman pag nakita niya na I've worked hard, I was there for her and my priority is her, I don't think naman she would take it in a different way,” she explained.

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