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Gloria Diaz says daughter Isabelle Daza will not join beauty pageants

Gloria Diaz says daughter Isabelle Daza is focused on her career in showbiz for now.


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10/31/2013 8:02 AM
Gloria Diaz says daughter Isabelle Daza will not join beauty pageants

103113-Gloria_Main.jpgAfter making history as the first Miss Universe winner from the Philippines in 1969, Gloria Diaz admitted that she has always made it a point to keep herself fit and healthy. Gloria revealed she plays two to three hours of tennis everyday. She also shared the secret to her youthful beauty during multivitamin Neurogen-E's “Life in Your Hands” campaign press conference held last October 19.

“How I do I maintain feeling good, sleeping well, having a positive outlook? I think more than anything it is keeping your finances down, not overspending. Of course having also a good boyfriend, a good lover or husband helps. Hindi pa ata uso ang exercise tumatakbo na ako. So walking, running, biking, tennis, squash, uso pa ang pelota, I was all into that. I think kapag 45 to 50 when I wake up I know that my hands don’t feel the same. So I was aware of it, but I didn't know what it was called. It wasn't earth-shaking or life-threatening but I could feel it. At a certain age you have to use all your facilities like vitamins,” she shared.

At 66 years old, Gloria said it also helps to have a successful relationship with her boyfriend who is nine years younger than her. “What’s the secret? Being busy I think that helps. If you're busy and he's busy and you both like what you both are doing… I think my boyfriend is totally opposite from me, he's very conservative and low-key and I'm noisy and very high-profile (laughs). He's a banker and we've been together 16 years. You have to be with somebody who's going to help you and support you. Even with my own children I always say that. 'If he's giving you a hard time, get rid of him,' she said.

When asked to comment about Freddie Aguilar's controversial relationship with a minor, Gloria said the age gap is too big to ignore. “Well that's kind of young. If only for that, yes they say love has no age limit but that's so young. 60 to 16, I'll be scared, I'm not going to bring my grandchild near him, he might think she's 25 and she's only 10 or something right?” she said.

When it comes to her eldest daughter Isabelle, Gloria said she sees their many similarities. “I see so much of me in her, everything. Because she's also quite athletic. I see my influence on my daughter is very obvious in many things she does. Although it's funny, we clash. At the end of the day she always does what I thought she would do so I guess it's normal. I have the biggest influence on her because we grew up together, we went through a lot of stuff together. Sometimes she stresses me (laughs). I let her decide. I let her go through what I went through because my parents when I won the pageant and I went to America, they never stressed out whether I'd be okay. They figured what they taught me at 16, by the time they let me go, that I would figure it out so now that's what I'm trying to do with my daughter. She will figure it out. She's like me, she gets over-involved in little things and it stresses her out. I figure, let her get stressed out. Yun, you let go and just take care of all the necessary things,” she advised.

As for her daughter joining any beauty pageants, Gloria said it is not likely. “No, those things, she's the one that decides. But no, it's not her be all and end all. I've heard her say, 'Tama na daw isang korona,'” she added.

As for following in her footsteps when it comes to acting, Gloria said her daughter has already surpassed her achievements. “You know she's very good. She's even better than me, she can cry when she feels something. She's very sensitive. She's very artistic kasi, si Belle. But I don't know if she can take the scheduling because sometimes she comes home at 5:30 am and then she had to get up by 10 am because of the noontime show. So I told her, 'You just do what your heart wants you to do. You have to be happy.' Like when I go to my shoots, I'm very happy. But of course pagdating ng 8:30 ng gabi mainit na ulo ko (laughs) but I like to act, I like the people I'm with and I find something special in what I do. I don't know if Belle feels the same but I think she does,” said the Neurogen-E endorser.

Gloria also talked about recent Miss World winner Megan Young. “I was happy for her. She is beautiful, I've seen her already. She's very beautiful but Miss World and Miss Universe are very different,” she said. Although she wants to encourage more Filipinas to compete internationally, Gloria said they should go with the right mindset. “What can I say that has not been said? I guess do the best, hope for the best, but it's not the be all and end all whether you win it or you don't. Your life starts wherever you are, parang hindi katapusan pag hindi ka nanalo,” she said.

After playing Ai Ai De las Alas's adoptive mother in Kung Fu Divas, Gloria said she wants to do more interesting roles in future projects. “I want to be super mataray, super social climber, kasi I've never been given that role eh. I'm always mayaman. There's so many things, I want to be a gambler. I want to do ordinary roles that I've never done. Kasi ako, in all my roles I'm always parang right, gusto ko naman yung ako yung napahiya, yung mga ganun ba, offbeat,” she shared.

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