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Jed Madela on issues about his sexuality: 'Kung ano ang gusto nilang sabihin bahala na kayo'

Jed Madela says he understands that questions about his sexuality are part of being a public figure.


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10/25/2013 7:46 AM
Jed Madela on issues about his sexuality: 'Kung ano ang gusto nilang sabihin bahala na kayo'

102513-Jed_Main.jpgJed Madela remained unfazed by questions about his sexuality and said he fully understands that people will create rumors about him since he is in show business. “For everybody who steps into the world of showbiz obviously they will question ‘yung sexual preference, parang ‘yung upbringing mo, lahat papakialaman. So I just don’t want to say anything kasi ano mang sasabihin mo, meron at merong sasabihin. So I have learned for the past ten years in the business to let everybody talk and speak their mind, hindi ko na papakialaman eh.”

Jed remarked that he just wants to focus on his work to entertain people. “Kung ano ang gusto nilang isipin at kung ano ang gusto nilang sabihin bahala na kayo. As long as I am doing my job and make people enjoy through my voice and through my performances, that's what matters.”

Jed is currently single and when asked why there has been no news of him dating anyone, the singer said that it’s because he is keeping his personal life private. “Ako kasi I really want to treasure my privacy pero sa 10 years di naman ako naging single lang siguro.” What are the qualities that he looks for in a girl? “Someone who understands my job and somebody who will make me laugh and somebody who could take care of me.”

The singer is celebrating his 10th year in the biz and is gearing up for a concert on November 15 at the PICC. Sarah Geronimo’s own 10th year anniversary concert is on the same night as well. Is he threatened knowing that the popstar princess draws large crowd? “I was really surprised kasi what I knew all along was she was going to do her concert on November 22 or something so okay lang sana, and to my surprise 15 din naman pala siya. But you know iba naman ‘yung crowd niya, iba naman ‘yung crowd ko and Araneta is very far from PICC. At first nakakatakot siyempre Sarah Geronimo yan, she’s the popstar princess but as I said it’s a different crowd.”

Despite the numerous things he has already achieved in his years in the business, Jed is still aiming for more. The singer shared that his next goal would be honing new artists to achieve their dreams of becoming part of the music industry. “It has always been my dream to be an instrument for other artists na nagsisimula because I know how it feels na nagsisimula and I want to inspire more artists to get into the industry and siguro for the next 10 years siguro ang plan ko ay to be very active of recruiting new artists for championships. Kasi when I joined World Championships, I didn’t know na it will be the jumping point of my career. So yeah for the next ten years ‘yun ‘yung gusto ko, to push new artists to the scene and to get into music school or probably hone the performers how to really perform,” he stated.