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Baron Geisler on his current court cases: “Hindi pa naman tapos yung laban”

The controversial actor faces another big challenge in “I Dare You” season two.

Baron Geisler on his current court cases: “Hindi pa naman tapos yung laban”-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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10/19/2013 12:56 AM
Baron Geisler on his current court cases: “Hindi pa naman tapos yung laban”
101913-baron_main.jpgAfter facing several controversies, Baron Geisler faces another big challenge as one of the celebrity guests in the second season of “I Dare You.” In his episode, Baron trains to become a volunteer fire fighter with TxtFire Philippines. “It was a really tough experience because I really lived the life of being a real fire fighter, kumbaga isang buwan akong araw-araw nasa barracks, nag-training somaraming paghihirap talaga. It was very difficult because siyempre wala ka sa comfort zone mo eh and you are not being treated as anartista. You are being treated as a regularmamamayan so walang special treatment and ang sarap ng experience because I got to bond with the boys, I got to learn a lot of things and na-educate ako about being a fire fighter and I still am part of TxtFire Philippines and from time to time I still get in touch with them,” he shares. For their episode, Baron is joined by new “I Dare You” host Deniesse Aguilar whom he trained with for one month. “It was okay naman, she was a trouper. Okay siyang kasama,” he says. 

The experience proved to be something very close to his heart as Baron experienced having his house burn down twice in the past. “I had to face my fear of yung apoy kasi medyo may trauma pa ako sa apoy so isang malaking challenge yung hinarap ko yung takot ko. Ang sarap pala ng feelingmaging bumbero kasi pakiramdam mo action star ka eh. Ang daming mga tinackle namin na mga obstacles so it was an awesome experience,” he admits. Baron has also been busy doing the movie “Sapi” which is set to be shown in theaters next month as well as other movie projects. “I just finished an international film shot in Palawan. I'm doing “Boy Golden” now with Governor E.R Ejercito. So things are going well naman. I'm just waiting for a TV series again. Lately I've been okay. Lately I've been taking my meds and I've been working out. Everything's good, going straight naman ako,” he adds. 

When asked to comment on the recent situation regarding his pending court cases, Baron says he chooses to remain positive about the outcome and says he is trying to live his life for the better. “Pending pa rin siya so nag-aantay pa rin ako kung ano yung magiging resulta dun but I'm praying that everything will turn out to be okay. Hindi pa naman tapos yung laban so mahirap pang magsalita. Abangan na lang natin at saka hintayin na lang natin. Ako naman sa parte ko dasal lang at saka I will stick to my side of the story,” he says. The 31-year-old actor says his family has been there for him all throughout this ordeal. “Si mommy okay naman, full support, talagang nire-remind nila ako parati sa meds ko, binibilhan ako parati. And look at me, I think I look good, I feel good and I just want to live. Just focusing on the good, no partying.” 

Another reason why Baron is keeping positive these days is because of his Fil-Italian girlfriend, who is working as a news anchor on another station. When pressed for details about their relationship, Baron says he would rather keep it low profile but admits to often posting sweet photos of them on Instagram. “Secret (laugh) I'm very proud of her.  For me she's number one,” he says.