Megan Young finds purpose through Miss World win

Megan Young on what she felt when she was named as Miss World: 'Gusto ko nalang maiyak kasi i've never won anything in my life, kahit nga raffle hindi ako nananalo eh'


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10/13/2013 10:54 PM
Megan Young finds purpose through Miss World win

101413-megan_main.jpgMore than bringing honor to the nation for bagging Miss World's blue crown, on a personal level, Megan Young considers her feat as a shining response to her lifelong question on what she's really destined to do in her life.

With a responsibility to fulfill as the eldest daughter and a roller coaster career in showbiz, the newest addition to the growing roster of the Filipina beauty queens confessed during her live appearance on The Buzz on Sunday that for so long she felt "lost" as to what she really wanted to do and, according to her, that was the hardest part of the journey. 

"At one point I was like 'Ano ba talaga ang gusto ko? Gusto ko bang maging host? Gusto ko bang umarte? What can I do about that?' So parang naging lost ako for a time but I knew I wanted to do something, hindi ko lang talaga sure kung ano 'yun," she revealed.

But now, Megan says she has a clearer view of what she wants. While she's yet to get used to the sudden outpour of attention from her win, Megan is very grateful that "everyone else around you is genuinely happy" and according to her that right now is what keeps her going.

"It's nice for people to have a different perspective of you lalo na thru the years parang I was trying. To figure out, 'Ano ba talaga ako? Sino ba talaga ako?' And thru this I think I can really say that it's a beauty with a purpose for me.

"... Parang now that i'm Miss World... Ito na siguro ang destiny ko na sa kabila ng lahat ng nangyari na ups and downs, ito na 'yun," she continued.

While many are fascinated about her win, a lot are equally intrigued as to what was going into the Kapamilya actress' mind the night that she was competing in Bali, Indonesia for the crown. 

Megan shared that "My mindset during that night is when I step on this stage i'm gonna think like a winner. Ganon 'yun, you think like a winner. You have that positive outlook, i'm gonna think like a winner and have that positive outlook that maybe I have a chance. Hindi siya 'yung parang 'ako na'to, ako na'to' it's more of i'm gonna exude that aura, the aura of a winner."
What did she feel when your name was called as the winner?

"Gusto ko nalang maiyak kasi i've never won anything in my life, kahit nga raffle hindi ako nananalo eh. Tapos mananalo pala ako sa Miss World," she quipped laughingly.

After fulfilling her commitments in the country, Megan will soon fly back to London and live there for a year as she fulfills her duties as the reigning Miss World. But, aside from living in London, perhaps the most exciting part of her journey is the fact that she will be visiting more than 30 countries and among them was New York, where she will take part in a charity event for Haiti.

But Megan has not forgotten her home country as she reveals that her duties as the Miss World will actually start here.

"Well we have so many projects this year and we're gonna start everything here in the Philippines and what we're going to do is we're going to PGH tomorrow. They have children there na nahihirapan na sila kasi minsan walang kagamitan, walang pera para makabili ng simpleng gamot so ito 'yung gusto naming i-raise sa mga tao na maging aware sila kung ano talaga 'yung nangyayari and hopefully we can have a charity event and get people from all over the Philippines and all over the world to come here and raise money for PGH," shared Megan.

She ended, "There's so many things that we can do and one of them is the support that we can give them and I think the most important is simulan muna natin dito sa Pilipinas."