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Paolo Valenciano on being married: 'It's quite an adventure'

Paolo Valenciano says that he loves being married because of the many discoveries he's having with his wife.

Kristhoff Cagape


10/11/2013 08:05 AM
Paolo Valenciano on being married: 'It's quite an adventure'
101113-Paolo1_Main.jpgPaolo Valenciano tied the knot with his girlfriend of six years Samantha Godinez just last February. In an interview with the musician who graced the premiere of Alagwa last October 7, Paolo shared his thoughts on married life.

“I love being married. It's quite an adventure parang we've always known each other (pertaining to Samantha) ever since we were young pero parang right now we're discovering new things with each other,” he relayed. 

On getting married before his 30s, Paolo said that it has its advantages. “I think the advantage is when I have kids the gap is very important, that's why I think my dad and I have really good relationship. It was very controversial at that time when I was born because he was 19, maybe he was a little bit too young but I think the reason that dad and I has a really good relationship is that I’m only 20 years younger than he is and I wanted to have that kind of relationship with my children, that our age gap won’t be that too big,” he said.
When asked if there is any plan to have kids any time soon, Paolo said that there is none, but at the right time he would like to have three kids.

Paolo and his wife have now a place of their own and are living independently together to take some load off their parents’ shoulders who are still taking good care of their other siblings. “We really want to have a place for the both of us, it is really big deal for us whether or not we will stay with our parents or not. We really thought that our parents had been supporting us for quite some time already so we thought that they deserve this break just to ease the load because our parents are still, you know sort of taking care of our siblings so we thought na at least we're taking some of the load from them and the best way is to become independent.”

Despite being in showbiz where intrigues and controversies are prevalent, Paolo is thankful to have been surrounded by good people that support him and his wife. “Samantha and I were together for six years, and I think it’s important that you surround yourself with good people and we were very active in church so in our entire relationship, people were guiding us the whole time.”

Now that his pal Jericho Rosales is about to get married, Paolo gave his friend some piece of advice. “So my advice to him was if you're going to propose, work on the wedding agad, don't wait too long because the girl, I mean girls, they don’t like waiting too long, so do not make it as a long engagement which was my number one advice to them.”