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Erich Gonzales refuses to comment about Maja-Gerald-Kim controversy

Erich Gonzales answers queries about former showbiz barkada 'Chiurigogobaschu.'

Rachelle Siazon


01/23/2013 09:59 AM
Erich Gonzales refuses to comment about Maja-Gerald-Kim controversy
012313-erich_main.jpgDuring the recent press visit to the set of Juan dela Cruz, Erich Gonzales was asked to give her reaction to the hot issue involving Maja Salvador, Gerald Anderson, and Kim Chiu. But the actress quickly replied, “I don’t want to comment, I’m not involved, my goodness!” Erich has been careful not to give any statement about it, even when she performed alongside Sarah Geronimo on Sarah G Live. Sarah’s remarks then about her rendition of the song “Womanizer” gained public interest. During the program, however, Erich simply smiled when Sarah asked her if she agrees that women should avoid womanizers in general.

Meantime, the press asked Erich if she’s still friends with Kim. They used to belong to the same clique called ChiuRiGoGoBaSchu (which stands for the surnames of Kim Chiu, Melissa Ricks, Erich Gonzales, Beauty Gonzales, Kitkat Banas, and Empress Schuck).  “I say ‘hi’ to her kapag nakikita ko siya,” Erich simply stated.

Kim and Erich allegedly had a falling out in 2011, which is said to be one of the reasons why their barkada fell apart. But Erich maintained that she has no ill will towards anyone as far as she’s concerned. “Sa business na ito, sobrang maliit lang [ang mundo]. So para sa akin hindi maganda na meron kang kaaway. Kasi eventually magkikita at magkakatrabaho kayo. Ako, honestly speaking wala akong kaaway and kung meron man, hindi ko alam yun. Baka sila lang ang may something sa akin. So ako, I can go to bed na walang inisiip na masama sa kapwa, judgement or hate. Kasi ’pag naiipon ’yan, pag sumabog hindi maganda.”

Erich explained that the reason why they’re not as close as before is because they got busy with their respective interests. “Kung before super close because we hang out, siguro po nag-iba dahil nag-iba lang yung mga interest namin at naging busy. Hindi na kami nagkikita aside from ASAP or kapag may mga shows. Pero I’m cool with them.” As it is, she usually spends her free time either at home or in the company of her non-showbiz friends.

So they don’t have ill feelings towards each other? “Wala. Dyusko naman, parang grade one lang ‘yan, parang high school ‘yang ganyang awayan or samaan ng loob.”