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Anne Curtis on Robin Padilla: 'Siya lang masasabi kong lalaking-lalaki sa industriya natin'

Anne Curtis says she's looking forward to her love scenes with Robin Padilla in 'Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw.'



1/12/2013 2:50 AM
Anne Curtis on Robin Padilla: 'Siya lang masasabi kong lalaking-lalaki sa industriya natin'

011213-anne_main.jpgAnne Curtis felt flattered when told that Robin Padilla got awestruck by her beauty during one of the scenes that he was supposed to be mad at her in the teleserye Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw. She said that it’s a testament to why many people see him as a certified ladies’ man. “Ay totoo? Nakakatuwa naman yun. That’s the thing with Robin, he'll always charm you with how he treats you, how he speaks about you. And then yun talaga masasabi ko. Until this day siya lang talaga masasabi kong lalaking-lalaki sa industriya natin,” she said during a dinner event for Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw held at Lumeria Restaurant, Thursday, January 10.

The local press couldn’t help but laugh at Anne’s last remark, given common allegations with regards to questionable gender preference of some male celebrities today. To which the beautiful actress added, “Nag-iisip ako, who is the next Robin? Wala pa pwede tumapak sa throne niya. That’s what’s amazing. Nagiisa siya. [Everyone else is] metrosexual, to be safe. I guess it comes with the times also. Pero siya talaga yung brusko.”

Given Robin’s popularity in the business, Anne admitted that she was a bit intimidated by him during their first few scenes together. As such, she was honored when the “Idol” of Philippine showbiz made an effort to establish rapport with her. “Tinabi niya ako to say to me turuan ko daw siya. Nagtsikahan kami. After nun naging kumportable na ako around him. Kasi nung una nahihiya ako. Robin Padilla yun, so nakaka-conscious tapos hindi mo alam kung paano ka aarte. After nun, okay na, may permission na ako to play around. Nakakailang kasi nung una baka sabihin niya OA ako.” 

Incidentally, they are about to shoot their love scenes when they resume taping in the next few weeks. When asked if she’s ready to go all out with Robin, Anne revealed that just thinking about it makes her feel nervous. The fact that she’s often played daring roles doesn’t mean she has gotten used to doing steamy scenes. “I’m always nervous. Grabe ako magpawis when I have an intimate scene! Kahit nga na lumapit lang ng ganon sobrang my nose gets [near to the other person’s face], lapotchina! Pero alam mo yun, I’m excited at the same time to see how the chemistry turns out. Kasi nakita ko na sa kanila ni Ate Kris (Aquino).” 

Will she have no limits to her love scenes just like Kris? “E dapat ganon daw. E di go, ganon na rin ako. It’s always fun hearing their stories, paano yung eksena na ginawa nila. I’m looking forward to our time,” she beamed.

Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw premieres on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida on January 21 at 9 pm.