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Rap Fernandez says he is trying to preserve Rudy Fernandez's movies

Rap Fernandez is still looking to complete old prints of his father's legacy.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


09/08/2012 01:28 AM
Rap Fernandez says he is trying to preserve Rudy Fernandez's movies
090812-rap-main.jpgAs the son of the late multi-awarded actor Rudy Fernandez, Rap Fernandez revealed he is currently in the process of trying to preserve his father’s legacy in the film industry by converting all his movies into HD format. “There are some reels that are in 35 millimeter format. Some of them got damaged so they were splicing it all together. It took two months to work on it, but Central Digital Lab Inc. in Makati is doing that for us. I submit the reels and it comes back na naka-hard drive na. So once it gets into the hard drive, there’s no more deterioration unless ibagsak mo yung hard drive mo at masira, mawawala lahat. Yung transfer yung magastos eh,” he explained.

Rap, who was last seen in Wansapanataym Presents: Buhawi Jack, admitted that it is a challenge to find and convert copies of all of his father’s works. “Hindi lahat kasi puwede, yung puwede mo lang i-HD yung may print or may negatibo. Yung iba kasi, yung only surviving copies nasa Betacam or Pneumatic tape or VHS or Betamax or VCD which is the worst. So it’s like treasure-hunting din in a way. There’s still a chance that we might find some of those which are missing. I have a complete list of my dad’s filmography and then I’m pulling out siguro mga 60%,” he admitted.

Rap also shared the titles of the movies which he has already successfully converted “Those which are already in HD are Sandakot na Bala, Operation: Get Victor Corpuz, Kahit Buhay Ko, Kaaway ng Batas, mga ganun… Yung Bingbong Crisologo at saka yung iba hindi pa naumpisahan eh so pinag-iipunan ko pa,” he added.

The aspiring director-actor also admitted his mom Lorna Tolentino has been very supportive of his endeavors. “She supports me kasi sa amin yun, it’s his legacy eh. It’s important. It’s for us and it’s for the Filipino people, for Filipino culture. This might be shown probably on television. I can’t talk about it that, but we’re just fixing it, we’re in the middle of negotiations,” he said.

As father to a baby girl named Lyla Victoria, Rap said he has entered a new phase in his life as well. “I grew, I became more in touch with reality, I became grounded. It’s a great feeling. Being a father I think is a revelation for a first-timer like me. It feels like it’s possible pala to have automatic love, yung parang sobrang unconditional love automatically pagkakita mo pa lang sa tao, dun sa anak mo, parang mahal na mahal mo na to the point na ibibigay mo na yung sarili mo para dun. So it’s humbling. It’s God’s gift. She’s great. She got sick though but she’s better now,” he shared.

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