Enchong Dee reveals how he stays fit and healthy

Before Enchong Dee became a popular actor, he was first and foremost a competitive swimmer.



9/7/2012 8:28 AM
Enchong Dee reveals how he stays fit and healthy

090612-enchong_main.jpgBeing fit is a way of life for Enchong Dee. Case in point, the athlete-turned-actor joined the Ironman Triathlon last August despite his very hectic showbiz schedule.

With his demanding schedule and very active lifestyle, Enchong tries to keep a balanced diet—not that he does not give in to the occasional cheat day. He is very thankful that he has no food allergies so he can eat almost any food he can. However, he makes it a point to work out afterwards to make sure that those extra calories are burned.

If the food on his plate consists of fatty foods, Enchong shared that he sets aside the parts with the most fats and gobbles up the rest. To keep him hydrated, he says that he drinks at least eight to 12 glasses of water everyday.

His real secret in keeping fit is not just by being religious with his fitness regimen, but by quantifying his exercise or movement to the amount of food he has eaten. If he has time, he tries to swim, at least once a week at the least.

He is a firm believer that one should get into an activity or a sport that he enjoys for someone to really enjoy working out and achieve results in the process. Apart from swimming, Enchong also enjoys walking, running, and biking.

As for dealing with stress, the actor has a very simple advice: simply smiling can do wonders because it helps in lifting one’s spirit and getting a smile from others is a sure way to make one feel better.

For these reasons, it is no wonder that Enchong was chosen to be the Nutrilite brand ambassador for Amway Philippines because staying fit and promoting healthy eating is second nature to him. Fans can interact with Enchong in his first ever fitness blog with live chat on Facebook. They can check out http://bit.ly/EnchongsBlog for the lowdown on what’s happening with Enchong as he shares tips and advice on how to lead a colorful life. Short video clips and images will also be uploaded showing Enchong’s daily activities as an actor, family member and a regular jock.