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Iza Calzado explains why she thinks a non-showbiz boyfriend is better for her

Iza Calzado reveals why she prefers a non-showbiz guy than a male celebrity for a boyfriend.



9/19/2012 8:43 AM
Iza Calzado explains why she thinks a non-showbiz boyfriend is better for her

091912-iza_main.jpgIza Calzado can only be happy with all the things that are going on in her life right now. While her career seems to be at its peak, she is also happy with matters of the heart because of her Filipino-British boyfriend, entrepreneur Ben Wintle. “Happy naman talaga ako,” she confirmed. “Ang tanong ko na lang how can it get better than this because I’m sure it can.”

While she is currently juggling time between her career and her love life, Iza explained that she had previous long-term relationships while she was in showbiz so her current status is not something new to her. “Matagal ko nang ipinagsasabay, baka mas maingay lang ang career ko ngayon,” she explained.

Many have commented that Iza’s boyfriend is a good catch because he is a good-looking, sexy businessman. However, Iza said that Ben’s physical attributes are just icing on the cake. She continued that she is not one who mainly falls for someone good-looking. “His looks just fall second to how nice he is, how good he is [and] that’s really why I like him,” she explained. “At this point in time, na naba-value mo kung paano ka tratuhin ng isang lalaki. Nagkataon lang na nabigay pareho.

In connection to this, Push.com.ph asked Iza if she feels that having a non-showbiz guy for a boyfriend is better than one who is from showbiz.  She shared that she had a boyfriend from showbiz before and it did not last long. “It was like a month and a half, it was not a pleasant experience, so yes I would say [a non-showbiz guy is better]. It’s just a month and a half and it was not very pleasant. Very intense pero it also ended abruptly. Di ko lang din kaya. Ako din may pagka-selosa di ko rin lang alam kong paano ko [i-handle],” she shared.

She added that a boyfriend from showbiz is harder to handle because, “They are exposed to a lot of beautiful women. They’re more prone to temptations and because of fame, power, money. and good looks, it’s a very deadly combination.”

Iza continued, “Sa akin parang I salute a man who can say from that industry that [he[ will not be one of the many that would easily be tempted. But it’s very hard. Even for me for a woman, ang gu-gwapo ng nga lalaki, kailangan mo talaga [ng guidance]. It’s normal. Men and women will be attracted to one another at any given point in time, especially if you work with him constantly. So medyo iniiwas ko na lang din and I also like the fact of having someone from a different world.”

Iza shared that she also dreads the possibility of having competition with a boyfriend from show business. “Baka may kompetisyon ‘yun ang mga iniiwasan ko. Sinong mas magaling sa ating dalawa. Mas sikat ako sa ‘yo. Nakaka-tense! Ayoko ng mga gano’ng issue.”