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John Lloyd Cruz reveals previous affair with a committed woman: 'Mahirap kasi nawawala yung respeto'

John Lloyd Cruz admits that he experienced being a third party; says he was consumed by his strong emotions for his girlfriend at that time.



8/28/2012 9:43 AM
John Lloyd Cruz reveals previous affair with a committed woman: 'Mahirap kasi nawawala yung respeto'

082812-jlc-main.jpgDuring the grand press con of The Mistress last August 26, John Lloyd Cruz admitted that he once had an affair with a woman who was already committed to someone else. He did not say if the woman in question was married or not. But he divulged how complicated their relationship was. “Sabi ko okay, settled ako sa ganu’n, siguro I was in my 20s that time. Hindi ko rin alam kung paano nangyari ‘yun, the feeling was too strong, hindi ko kayang kontrolin. And pumayag na ako, nabigkas ko ‘yung salitang, ‘Okay lang, kung kailan ka may time, okay na ako du’n [sa ganong set-up],” said John Lloyd, much to the surprise of the entertainment press.

Perhaps it’s the very reason why John Lloyd strongly believes the saying that you don’t get to choose love, it chooses you. Looking back, he explained that it was also an ultimate test of character for him. “Mahirap kasi nawawala ‘yung respeto. Hindi naman sa immoral siya, pero parang dine-dare ka niya to be someone you’re not, kasi ‘yun nga, masyadong malakas ‘yung nararamdaman mo for the person. It’s quite a struggle, definitely, kasi alam mo na mali, eh.”

He was forced to give up in the end, knowing that nothing good would come out of their relationship. He also claimed that the woman in question was not from show business. “Pero, lagi ko ngang sinasabi, you can’t argue with love. But I found out later on na infatuation lang.  Infatuated lang pala ako. So I realized na, she deserves better. She did not deserve to be in that kind of situation. So in a way, naging instrumental ako na kaya siya nalalagay sa ganu’ng sitwasyon is because hindi niya nagagawa kung ano ‘yung tama.”

Most recently, however, John Lloyd’s breakup with girlfriend of two years Shaina Magdayao became a subject of much controversy. But since he refused to entertain questions pertaining to recent intrigues about him, the press asked him an indirect question if it’s true that a person only falls for someone else if something’s lacking in his/her current relationship. John Lloyd answered, “You can only try to make something work. Kung hindi talaga, anong gagawin mo? Not because nagmahal ka ng iba para lang mapunan yung kulang or yung hinahanap mo sa una, e mali naman yun. Kasi nagmamahal ka hindi naman dahil meron kang pinupuno.”

As it is, his latest involvement with Angelica Panganiban has piqued the interest of the media and public alike. He was indirectly asked about their couple photo that was recently published via Angelica’s Instagram with a caption that describes it as a “perfect Sunday.” But the controversial actor merely said, “Alam n’yo, alam ko ‘yung pinupuntahan ng tanong ninyo, this is not the right place, the right time to talk about it. Some other time, maybe? Not now because nandito kami ni Bea (Alonzo) to celebrate our 10 years in the business and we have a beautiful movie to promote.” He later admitted that it was indeed him who posted the photo using Angelica’s Instagram account.