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Angel Aquino on love life: 'Ayoko na ng showbiz (guy)'

Angel Aquino says her love life is not her priority right now and is very happy being single.

Angel Aquino on love life: 'Ayoko na ng showbiz (guy)'-Bernie Franco
Bernie Franco


08/25/2012 12:32 AM
Angel Aquino on love life: 'Ayoko na ng showbiz (guy)'
082512-angel-main.jpgAngel Aquino explained that she initially did not expect that she would be the lead of the horror flick Amorosa, which opens in theaters on August 29. “Actually it did not dawn on me until I started doing the shoot. Akala ko naman [I’m] just one of the bida,” she recalled. She continued that she thought that she was just going to do a support role when she was told that her role was the mother of co-actors Enrique Gil and Martin del Rosario.  “I did not think much of it until I started filming.”

Angel has been in the industry for 16 years and Amorosa is her very first title role. “Iba pala ang pressure pag bida. It is also overwhelming kasi first time ko, [to be the title role] I’ve been in the industry for so long and this is the first time [that I am the lead character], aside from Donsol kasi it’s an indie movie.”

The model-turned-actress was also asked how she felt that the previous horror movie, The Healing, did very well in the box office and comparisons are going to be inevitable. “Ang sa akin kasi Amorosa is very different from The Healing. It’s gore and horror in your face. It’s there talaga. Ito mostly in your mind, that’s why psychological horror. Ito mas hindi mo alam ang mangyayari,” she explained. “I will not even try to outdo Miss Vilma Santos.”

Angel was also very vocal about how much she admires the Star for All Seasons whom she got the chance to work with in the 1998 drama film Bata, Bata, Paano Ka Ginawa. “For me she is not just one of the best but [also] most generous actresses in the industry. Si Ate Vi talaga top-billed the actresses of my time. So I won’t even try to outdo her. I will give that to her. If Amorosa will do well, it will be on its own credit.”

Angel is currently single after she broke up with her non-showbiz boyfriend, but clarified that she is happy with her current status, especially since her career continues to do well. “Blessings and success na muna. Kasi love life I feel naman I’m still young and I get a lot of love from my family, from my friends,” she said. “Romantic love can wait. Right now I’ve had my share of romantic love and I’ve had my playtime, okay na ‘yon.”

The versatile actress also opened up about her last relationship and what went wrong. “We jelled very well, kaya lang I think it was too soon. Ang bilis tapos meron din differences. Sobra kaming crash and burn. It was too good too soon na a lot of other things have been happening na di pala namin kaya. Masyadong maagang dumating so we decided it wasn’t good for either of us.” Prior to her relationship with the non-showbiz boyfriend, Angel had been previously romantically involved with TV personality Lui Villaruz.

Asked directly if she prefers a non-showbiz or a showbiz guy, Angel replied, “Ayoko na ng showbiz. I remember Lui was medyo low profile, so paano pa kayo kung high profile? Whether your low profile or high profile basta showbiz I will not even touch it kasi when all eyes are on you, ang hirap, especially both coming from the same industry. Alam mo what each other goes through during shoots. Temptation is always there. Ang hirap talaga so I would much rather somebody who is not from the same industry.” 

At the moment, love life is not her priority. She explained, “Even without a love life, it’s perfect. I have a very good relationship with my daughters. Para kaming magkakaibigan. I don’t even have to go out to have fun. We have fun on our own.” Angel has two daughters, one is 17 while her youngest is 13.