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Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes: 'I am a hopeless romantic'

Travis McCoy of the American rap-rock band Gym Class Heroes talks about his love life and his musical influences.



8/17/2012 8:43 AM
Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes: 'I am a hopeless romantic'

081712-travis1_main.jpgWith hit songs like “Stereo Hearts,” “Cupid’s Chokehold” and the like, Gym Class Heroes’ vocalist Travis McCoy shared that their music is really inspired by how “boys and girls” deal with realities in life. But on a personal note, he admitted that he has never been lucky in love. “I’m a hopeless romantic, to be honest with you, and I think it shows a lot in the songs that I write.” At the same time, I’m envious about guys like Disashi (the band’s guitarist), who have been successful in holding down relationships with their girlfriends throughout this entire ride. I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to do that. But hopefully, I will one day. I have my dog and she’s very much committed to me,” he added with a laugh.

Although they’re mainly recognized as a rap-rock band, they’ve done a wide range of music (including hip hop and reggae) since the group was formed in 2007. As it is, they don’t want to be typecast to just one music genre. Travis further explained, “It’s not a conscious effort (for us to explore different genres). I guess, everything that we listened to or were inspired by, somehow it creeps into the music that we make. (I don’t understand when people) say, ‘You know what, we’re a metal band. You have to stick to that. We’re your fans. We can’t listen to you if you’re not a metal band anymore.’ We never label our music. We want the freedom to explore any genre without being persecuted.”

When asked about their craziest experience while on tour, Travis cheerfully explained that gone are the days when rock bands are notorious for their rebellious lifestyle. “There’s definitely been a lot of crazy wild nights that I can share with you. But the whole drugs, sex and drama thing, honestly, that kind of died with hair metal bands (laughs). Maybe it’s just us. But when we’re done with our show, we hang out, try to meet out our fans, go out and party. But for the most part, the first thing I do after a show is shower and come out to the gym. Maybe I’ve gotten used to so many years of touring and partying. It’s the little things like that that made me happy. That’s not to say we don’t have our wild times. We are pretty young and we still have years of touring ahead of us.”

If you recall, Travis pursued a solo career back in 2010, at the same time, released the hit single “Billionaire” featuring Bruno Mars. As for doing collaborations with other artists, he maintained that fame is not really a main consideration for him. “Being in the position to reach out to other artists that we look up to and admire, to ask them to be in a song with us is awesome. To find out that these artists are fans of what we do is kind of cool. We never reach out to other artists for the name's sake. It’s more of working with artists who can really bring the song to life,” he finally stated.