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KC Concepcion joins relief efforts in Pampanga

WFP ambassador KC Concepcion revives 'KC's Closet' and gets help from fans to further help flood victims.

Rachelle Siazon


08/15/2012 09:59 AM
KC Concepcion joins relief efforts in Pampanga
081512-kc_main.jpgOne week after Habagat’s disastrous impact in Metro Manila and nearby provinces, KC Concepcion remains active in relief efforts through World Food Programme. As the organization’s dedicated ambassador, she joined the distribution of relief goods in San Fernando, Pampanga yesterday, August 14, bringing with her donations from her various fan groups. “Some families here in San Fernando already went back to their homes as flooding in 13 Barangays already subsided. But a storm is on its way. 4x4s at work here in Pampanga! Going to the flood-evacuation centre w/Team WFP. Let's pray for multiplied protection, courage, strength for those in Region 3... For your donations & concerns, contact 045.961.6330”
KC also mentioned in her Twitter account that her charity auction for WFP, known as KC’s Closet, is still in operation. “Para sa mga kababayan natin overseas: Maari pa rin kayo tumulong sa pamamagitan ng World Food Programme (WFP) fundraising na KC'S CLOSET. To those abroad: u can help thru the World Food Programme (WFP), u can purchase items on KC'S CLOSET. Ur payment goes directly to WFP Phils. KC'S CLOSET will directly benefit WFP operations. There r still 20 items from previous batch available. here's the link http://stores.ebay.ph/kcsclosetfightschildhunger.”
In her previous tweets, the actress-host expressed her frustration on how people in flood-prone areas and those with informal housing or no homes at all, deal with calamities such as Habagat. “Why allow our people to feel this kind of stress & worry, each time rains like this hit our country? So sad... No one has to get used to this. Sad to see the effects of building on flood-prone land... :( Can't we do anything for those living there? Or surplus rainwater ng rivers... How do you make sure that the surplus rainwater goes effectively into the sea and doesn't overflow inland into the city? :( We are a tropical country, with a tropical rainforest climate. Sadly this will happen again. This won't be the last rainfall of its kind. :(“