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Robi Domingo talks about his crush on Ateneo volleyball player Gretchen Ho

The actor-host has nothing but praises for the pretty UAAP athlete.

Robi Domingo talks about his crush on Ateneo volleyball player Gretchen Ho-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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08/14/2012 10:25 AM
Robi Domingo talks about his crush on Ateneo volleyball player Gretchen Ho
081412-robi_main.jpgAdmittedly single for a long time now, Robi Domingo says he has been spending more and more time with Ateneo varsity volleyball player Gretchen Ho whom he has known for a couple of years now. The actor-host shares with Push.com.ph how their friendship started. “Actually, she was my first year crush during college days pa and then we got to work on this project at the Ateneo Placement office and then ayun, nakilala ko si Gretchen dun and then yun na, we exchanged numbers tapos hindi ko naman akalain.” Robi did not hesitate to reveal what he thinks of the pretty UAAP athlete. “She’s very simple despite her popularity, despite her standing in this society. She’s very upscale eh. Gretchen Ho the volleyball player, the model student. People look up to her but when you get to meet her, she’s not fancy at all and I really admire that especially sa isang babae na you get to be very simple and be very gorgeous at the same time.”

Although he is not courting anyone else, Robi chooses to keep mum on the real score between him and Gretchen. The 22-year-old host-actor says he really admires her inside and out. “We talk. We talk about life and that’s the thing, she has so much to tell you about not just about her life, but about life itself. She’s into philosophy, into parang life coach nga siya eh kasi she’s a mentor of Ateneo Christian Life Community (ACLC).”

Robi says that he was not able to actively watch her games during his college years, Robi can be seen being more visible now and even plans to catch her upcoming matches in this years popular Shakey’s V-league tournament. “I saw her on TV for the UAAP season 73 and 74 pero I watched the actual game nung 74 lang against UST. Hindi naman that I watch all her games now, just when I have the opportunity. Pero support-wise, I’ll be supporting her,” he admits.

When asked why he was attracted to Gretchen, Robi candidly answers, “The question is, what is it about her na wala yung iba? The question is, what’s not to like?” Even though he refuses to give specific details on the real status of their relationship, Robi will admit that it is going very well at the moment. “I can’t tell you guys that now. All I can say for now is that I’m happy. I am also single. What you see is what you get. Yun na lang. and if you see me, I’m happy. Thank you so much. Yun lang. I’m enjoying my life and everything else.”

Aside from the status of his heart, Robi also shares details about his next project as part of the reality show I Dare You. “I’ll be hosting I Dare You. Direk Lauren Dyogi and I had a talk, actually it was such a long talk, umabot ng isang oras and he has plans for me. I’m also eyeing for this project called The Voice. They’re making a franchise here. What Gretch told me is if you really want something, sabihin mo na sa iyo na yun. I watch the foreign franchise together with my family. We like watching Ceelo Green, Cristina Aguilera, and Adam Levine,” he says.

Robi looks forward to being part of I Dare You’s next season because he feels he has really improved on his hosting skills. “I’ve really grown as a host well mainly because of Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzales, Luis Manzano and John Prats and I’ve learned the nitty-gritty details of hosting because I observe all the time. Even though I’m not on the stage, I make it a point to be there around the area so I can listen also and adapt. Ganyan naman talaga eh, hosting is not just about just having a very, very good sense of wit. It’s about listening, observing and adapting,” he explains. The former PBB Teen housemate says fans of the show can look forward to catching the newest season of by October. “I Dare You is going to be really, really fun. We taped two episodes of already and it’s going to be really exciting. More fun than the last season, more challenging and it’s going to be awesome.”