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Iya Villania keeps mum on rumors she is already secretly engaged

The singer-host will take on a different challenge in the new Studio 23 prank show 'Gag U.'

Iya Villania keeps mum on rumors she is already secretly engaged-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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07/14/2012 09:45 PM
Iya Villania keeps mum on rumors she is already secretly engaged
071512-iya-main.jpgFrom doing lifestyle hosting, Iya Villania proves her versatility by taking on Studio 23’s newest comedy show Gag U which will showcase gag videos with cute pets, babies, hidden cameras and other comic twists every Sunday. “It’s something very different. I’ve never done a gag show. So it’s exciting because coming from Us Girls with Studio 23 kung saan kasama ko si Angel Aquino at Cheska Garcia-Kramer which is lifestyle. We’re not really making a jerk out of anything we do there. This is very different the mere fact that it’s a gag show, so exciting naman. I actually enjoy pulling pranks. I enjoy hacking into my sister’s facebook account (laughs), but she does the same to me. I enjoy naman because you get a good laugh eh. And also for other people they get a good laugh out of it,” she admits during the Gag U presscon held last July 10 at Tito Boy’s Food Republic in Panay Avenue, Quezon City.
The 26-year-old host says she was surprised when she first found out about her new hosting assignment. “I used to question it but it’s an opportunity that was given to me and I trust the bosses. Hindi naman siguro sila magde-decide ng basta-basta so natutuwa naman ako dahil they really believe in something that I can do. It’s a show where you can have a good laugh. We have a lot of videos where people are pulling pranks, videos from abroad as well as pranks we make on our own. We make fun out of serious news, we make fun of other people, of billboards, it’s just making fun out of everything. That’s how we are, mga Pinoy, di ba we make fun of ourselves? So ayun, that’s what Gag U is all about,” she explains.
Unlike her showbiz contemporaries, Iya has managed to keep a relatively low profile when it comes to her private life. Her eight-year relationship with Drew Arellano has been smooth sailing with rumors that they are already secretly engaged. “I really think that’s what people will ask pag wala na silang matanong, yun ang bagsak, kay Drew. Si Drew pa nagbibigay sa akin ng mga issues (laughs). Hindi pa naman kami kasal. Baka echuserang frog lang yan (laughs). Pero siyempre may plano na, eight years na kami. Siguro naman may mga plano naman kami (laughs) because Drew and I are super duper happy, of course things can get better for the two of us. Minsan nga we look at each other, siguro yung mga ibang tao akala nila joke na lang itong relationship natin na, ‘ano bay an eight years na sila, ayaw pa nila magpakasal’ pero it was a slow eight years eh. Ngayon things are really getting better,” she admits. Iya says she does not feel like she has to have intrigues in order to better her career. “I’m more than happy with hosting and performing. Happy naman ako where I am. Because ayoko naman mag-effort pa ako para gumawa ng issue. Ganito talaga ako eh. Baka late bloomer lang ako. give me another 5 to 10 years, baka saka lang lumabas yung mga scandals ko (laughs).”
The Aussie born performer says that Drew is very supportive of her new show. “Siya natutuwa dahil it’s nothing heavy, it’s something fun and light, it’s something I can enjoy. Because he knows that I can be quite a clown. Si Drew kasi yung funny niya corny eh (laughs). Dun ako natatawa kasi iba yung pagka-funny niya eh. Actually pati ako corny eh. Actually when Drew was in Wazzup Wazzup pa with Toni and Vhong, he used to get so frustrated na saying, ‘Honey, I’m not funny.’ And then he realized that’s what makes him funny, the fact that he’s so corny, that he tries to be funny but it’s just not funny (laughs). That’s why Vhong and Toni had fun with him,” she shares.
Iya says that she will make the big announcement if ever she and Drew do get engaged. “Pag may nakita na kayong singsing at hindi ko na puwedeng i-deny, yun na yun. Maybe in two to three years,” she admits. The ASAP performer also shares that even though they’ve been together for a long time, she still gets ‘kilig’ when Drew does simple things for her. “When Drew cooks for me, kasi sobra siyang practical na tao. Yung mga ibang babae na-so-spoil sila with branded bags, clothes and shoes. Ako sino-spoil ako ni Drew sa mga unan (laughs), sporty attire, sneakers. Stuff that he knows that I can use. Hindi siya naniniwala na bags are investments eh (laughs) so when he decides to spend on me randomly, just small things, actually ultimo when he buys something from the supermarket lang, mga granola bars, dun pa lang kinikilig na ako eh. Mababaw ako. mababaw ba standards ko? (laughs). Pero yung mga small things like that kinikilig na ako.”
The talented singer-host adds she does not want to feel like an authority on relationships, but shares one factor as to why they have stayed together all this time.  “Ayoko magsalita eh, because of course I’m sure it’s a different case for others. But what I find a lot of people do these days is they rush into things. And I don’t know kung if the only reason why Drew and I didn’t rush into things is because my family is so conservative, na talagang we really had to wait before we could start traveling together, yun. Really take the time to get to know each other,” she reveals.
Catch Iya Villania and her celebrity guests as they pull pranks and share gags and wacky videos from all over the world in Gag U when it finally premieres on July 15, Sunday, 6PM after UAAP on Studio 23.