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  • With all the negative publicity for being vocal about dating the president, Grace Lee is learning to deal with it day by day.

Grace Lee is not bothered by the issue that she is 'using' PNoy

With all the negative publicity for being vocal about dating the president, Grace Lee is learning to deal with it day by day.

Grace Lee is not bothered by the issue that she is 'using' PNoy-Bernie Franco
Bernie Franco


02/09/2012 10:15 AM
Grace Lee is not bothered by the issue that she is 'using' PNoy
020912-grace_main.jpgGrace Lee, the radio jock and TV host that President Noynoy Aquino is currently dating, admitted that the president is one of the many aspects that are making her happy at the moment.

At the press conference launching her as a new Ever Bilena endorser last February 6 at the Discovery Suites, Grace suggested that her exclusive dating status with PNoy is very promising. “I think he’s the forefront in the line,” she said.

She admitted that she had a present for the President (whose birthday was on February 6) but did not reveal what it was. She said that she greeted him a happy birthday, but did not get an immediate reply because the president was in Visayas at that time visiting the earthquake-stricken areas. Grace further added, “I think it’s best for him to do his job without too much distraction.”

For her birthday wish for PNoy, Grace said, “My birthday wish is that he may continue to maintain the kind of love that he has been receiving from Filipinos. It is very, very important for him and [he’s] very much aware of that. And I know ‘yung love na ‘yun ang pinaka-energy niya to keep going.”

The Korean national also revealed how the president courts her. “Like any other man, very sweet, very considerate. He’s a gentleman.” She revealed that she has received a couple of flowers from PNoy.

With her being vocal about dating the president, Grace is now being hounded by controversies. One accusation is that she is allegedly taking advantage of the situation for publicity for personal gain, but the Korean-born lass was unfazed by the ugly claim. “I’m sure [some] people will say that about me but as long as my family and the people I love around me believe me and know who I am, I can live with myself.” Unlike the other women that have been linked to the president, Grace has been the most vocal about it.

Grace defended herself by saying, “I’m in this industry, I’m in this business so hindi natin maiiwasan ‘yon. Katulad ngayon siyempre I don’t want to be rude because that’s not what I am. I try to accommodate and be polite to everyone as much as I can and I hope my politeness will not be used against me.”

Push.com.ph asked Grace if she feels the pressure that comes along with dating a public figure. “I don’t feel the pressure but I’m learning my lessons as I go along,” she answered.

She added that her family’s is also experiencing some privacy invasion, but she is not bothered. “They’re dealing with it properly though. I’m not worried about them. They’re concerned about me but aside from that, they trust me and that they believe I can handle it properly.”

Grace’s life may have changed since she started dating the president, but she is trying to cope with it each day at a time. “There might be some difference of who I might see more often lately but I’m dealing with it on a daily basis, and that I’m learning as I go along… I do respect everyone from the media and I treat them with such respect. And I did that and I did divulge certain details because I do believe that the president belongs to the people. But I think there should be a limit to how much information is divulged to the public and so I reiterated many, many times before, na sana mabigyan po kami ng privacy na kailangan namin at siyempre honor [and] respect to the president.”

She also admitted that she thought that she was fully aware of what she was getting herself into when she decided to start seeing the president. “Pagdating sa imagination natin, especially when it comes to expectations, we can only go as far as how much you have experienced in your life. So this whole attention that I’m getting due to the person that I’m seeing is out of my radar, so I deal with it day by day.”