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Showbiz Inside Report debuts with an in depth report on Janelle Manahan and Genelyn Magsaysay

Showbiz Inside Report offers a glimpse into the lives of Janelle Manahan and Genelyn Magsaysay.

Krissa Donida


02/08/2012 09:49 AM
Showbiz Inside Report debuts with an in depth report on Janelle Manahan and Genelyn Magsaysay
020812-janelle_main.jpgLast February 4, Showbiz Inside Report, the new show hosted by Janice de Belen, Carmina Villaroel, Joey Marquez, and Ogie Diaz, had its pilot airing featuring the controversial issue of Janelle Manahan and Genelyn Magsaysay. The show presented two sides of the story in such a way that viewers got to know Janelle and Genelyn on a more personal level and as to who they really are behind all the issues concerning them to Ramgen Revilla’s death.

Carmina had the chance to interview Janelle who was a part of Star Circle Quest season 2. Janelle was a Bicolana who really wanted to pursue a showbiz career. Carmina tackled Janelle’s relationship with Ramgen, including the fact she was living in with him at the age of 17 and was physically abused by the latter during the first few months of their relationship. Janelle admitted she chose to quit showbiz because of Ramgen who even hid her scripts so she would not to be able to shoot her scenes.

She also admitted that being with Ramgen was difficult because she was not the only woman in his life. At times, there were two or three other women that he would be dating and he was very open with Janelle about it. When it came to a point she could not take it anymore, Janelle would get Ramgen’s cellphone and call the girls to tell them to stop. “I have to accept it kasi Revilla siya e,” she said of Ramgen’s philandering ways.

When the conversation came to her relationship with Ramgen’s mother, Genelyn Magsaysay, she acknowledged the fact that whenever she encountered a problem with Ramgen, she goes to Genelyn for comfort and help. Genelyn would even call Janelle a martyr for what she went through in her relationship with Ramgen.

When asked what Genelyn’s personality was, she refused to elaborate but instead just answered, “She’s trying to be mother.”

Viewers got to know Genelyn Magsaysay through Janice de Belen’s interview. She was only 16 years old at that time when Sen. Ramon Revilla Sr., who was 58 years old when they met on the set of his movie, courted her right then and there. While she knew that Ramon Sr. had another family, she accepted his proposal and all the circumstances that went with it. When her mother found out, they wanted to sue Ramon Sr. but Genelyn who was so in love with him told her mother, “Hindi mo pwede idemanda, hindi kita kakampihan, kakampihan ko pa rin si Don Ramon.”

She eventually had nine children with Ramon Sr. Ramgen was her eldest child and also the one closest to her. Genelyn admitted that Ramgen was really the disciplinarian in the family. He was the man of the house and when the time came that Ramgen and Janelle moved in together, she accepted the fact that she had to love whoever Ramgen loved. But Genelyn also disclosed that at first, she did not like Janelle during the early stages of their relationship.

She also told Janelle, “Mahirap maging asawa ang isang Revilla. Kasi ako nasubukan ko na yun. Sinasabi ko lang sa kanya na kung sa chickboy wala na talaga tayong magagawa. Kaya payo ko sa kanya kung ‘di mo matiis si Ramgen, na nambababae siya, might as well na humiwalay ka na lang ng totoo. Ang problema kasi, aalis siya sa umaga, ihahatid ko siya, pagbalik niya sa gabi, nandun na naman siya sa bahay.

In the aftermath of all that happened, Genelyn said that when Janelle was in the hospital she tried to contact her but they weren’t allowed in her room. She knows that she is been going through a tough time and she tries to understand her but she adds, “Kailangan niya makita kung sino talaga ang gumawa nito sa kanya. Kasi si Ramgen napahamak dahil pinagtanggol niya si Janelle.”

When Gail, one of Genelyn’s daughters and Ramgen’s sister, was asked if she harbors ill feelings for Janelle, she