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  • The PBB ex-housemates remain elusive as people continue to wonder if they have really ended their relationship.

Have Melai Canteveros and Jason Francisco parted ways?

The PBB ex-housemates remain elusive as people continue to wonder if they have really ended their relationship.

Have Melai Canteveros and Jason Francisco parted ways?-Patty Ramirez
Patty Ramirez


02/12/2012 07:47 PM
Have Melai Canteveros and Jason Francisco parted ways?
021312-melason-main.jpgLast week questions have sprung up on social networking site Twitter as to whether showbiz couple Melai Cantaveros and Jason Francisco have broken up. It was also said that another actress, Kaye Abad (Jason’s co-star in Angelito, Batang Ama), was the reason of the split. Adding fuel to the fire was a rumor saying Jason is a womanizer and that Melai had finally had enough of his “bad boy” ways.

In a statement given by Jason to blogsite darlasauler.com, he said that Melai was with him and the rest of the cast of Angelito in the Sinulog Festival in Cebu. The comedian said he, Kaye and the other stars of the show are really close with each other and Melai was with them while they were hanging out. “Kaya di ko ma-gets kung anong issue dun,” he commented. Kaye also denied she dated Jason, even saying she is also close friends with Melai.

However, Melai also revealed in the same blogsite that she and Jason haven’t spoken to each other for almost a week because of a misunderstanding and refused to further elaborate.

Speculations further spread when in two consecutive episodes of Banana Split, Melai’s co-hosts continued to tease her about her love life, hinting that she’s going through something with Jason. Also according to The Buzz’s interview with a reliable source, Jason allegedly quit the gag show for almost a month now because of his girlfriend. When asked to comment on the issue, Banana Split’s Business Unit Head Cynthia Jordan just stated that they thank Jason for being a part of their show and wished him luck in his new projects. Even their solid fans, Melason, refused to discuss the matter and could only say they will support their idols whatever happens.

The Buzz host Toni Gonzaga, who is close to the couple because of Pinoy Big Brother, said the two might be pressured in revealing their status to the public because the viewers are used to knowing everything about them since their love blossomed on the reality show. “So ang hirap kahit meron silang pinagdadaanan, di nila maayos ng sila lang dahil everyone is interested to know, specially yung mga fans nila.” Toni also clarified that the comedienne told her there is no third party involved in their misunderstanding. As a friend of the couple, Toni shared she feels there is still love between Melai and Jason and they just have to talk and sort things out for things to work out.  

Boy Abunda also gave his thoughts on this matter and said it is something serious if Jason even resigned from Banana Split. He added that in the past, it is usually Jason who gives in and elaborates on things when he and Melai have fights, but now he remains tight-lipped on the matter. He asked Toni on what she knows about the issue but the actress-host only said they have to let the comedienne to heal, even sharing her last advice to Melai. “You have to know your worth Melai. Tignan mo yung sarili mo, pahalagahan mo yung sarili mo, bago ka magpahalaga sa ibang tao kasi nagtratrabaho siya para sa pamilya niya, mga kamag-anak niya, it's about time naman na mahalin mo ang sarili mo. 'Yun ang huling payo ko sa kanya,” Toni said to Boy. She just hopes that the couple fight for their love and that things be ok between them soon.