Gretchen Barretto û Timeless Beauty

Gretchen Barretto û Timeless Beauty-Patty Ramirez
Patty Ramirez


12/19/2012 09:00 AM
Gretchen Barretto û Timeless Beauty
Since she started her career in show business in the 80s, Gretchen Barretto is regarded as one of the beautiful faces ever to grace the local entertainment scene. Her hiatus in showbiz to pursue a home life surprised everyone, leaving her career at its peak. But, La Greta, as she is now famously known when she returned into the limelight, shocked her followers even more as she is able to maintain her beauty and poise. 

Gretchen credits good fashion sense, a balanced diet and lots of sleep as some of her secrets on maintaining her youthful look. A healthy lifestyle is key, says the actress, and even though she’s busy with her work schedule she keeps it a point to get a lot of sleep and eat organic food when time permits.  

Of course, Gretchen also keeps up with the latest beauty trends and one of these is drinking collagen. Collagen has established itself a new necessity in every woman’s beauty ritual and has become a term frequently used in skin care circles. Our bodies naturally produce collagen, which helps in firming and strengthening our tissues. But as we age, our skin’s ability to produce collagen lessen thus most recent skin care advancements have developed effective and safe ways to replenish lost collagen in our bodies to combat the signs of aging.

To keep her timeless beauty, Gretchen trusts iVi Premium Collagen, a collagen brand developed in Hokkaido, Japan. Whether it’d be powdered drinks, or collagen in a ready-to-drink bottle, there is something for everyone’s taste and beauty ritual. Even for the busiest woman-on-the-go like La Greta, iVi offers 5,000 mgs of collagen per sachet and 10,000mg of high quality pure collagen in a 50ml ready-to-drink bottle that fits any woman’s lifestyle.